My anime memes!

Okay, I hope you like them! I've never created my own so I'm not sure how it will turn out. But for those of you who use them, all I ask is for a link so I can read yours.

Chapter 2


Do you answer them how you yourself would?
Or is it a made up character? ~ If so, describe them

Template for your character

Favorite characters Random order



1) 10 offers to cook you a romantic dinner, what do you do?

2) 6 crashes in and demands that 10 explain why he's cheating on him with you. What's your reaction?

3) 6 and 10 end up making up and leave you alone. Later, 3 enters and offers you a boxed lunch that he handmade for you. Your reply?

4) Later at a party that 13 is throwing, 12 pulls you to the side and gossips to you about 11 and 5's relationship.

5) Then 14 comes screaming out of a closet, cursing 4 for locking him in the closet with 7.

6) Through all the commotion, 1 walks up to you and asks you on a date. Describe what happens and how the date turns out.

7) Sometime later, 15 tells you of his deep love for 1 and asks you how you feel about it.

8) Then 6 invites you to his house to chat, something happens and 6 ends up getting you to kiss him.

9) 10 then breaks up with 6, brokenhearted that he cheated. Then 10 finds himself in the comforting arms of 4. What's your opinion?

10) 11 calls you up, admitting that they have loved you ever since you've met.

11) Despite what happens 5 comes to you and tells you to stay away from 11.

12) Somehow 13 convinces you to go to a party as 16's date, 13 laughs the entire time your with 16.

13) What's would you think if 9 and 16 were in love?

14) What about 7 and 8?

15) Suddenly 2 starts flirting with you and 4 gets jealous. You and 2 run away as 4 starts smashing stuff.

16) Then you and 2 kiss, 3 watching in surprise. 3 then goes and tells 6 who stops you and 2.

17) At a pool party, you and 11 are playfully swimming together and 5 joins in. But then they end up making out, ignoring you.

18) 12 calls you and asks you what you think of 16 and 9. Then asks you if it's okay if 12 goes out with16.

19) 14 starts dancing with you. You won't admit it, but he is a horrible dancer. You laugh accidentally and he grows sad. Will you consol him, or make it worse?

20) You walk into a random room to find 3 and 8 locking lips. What happens?

21) 16 and 15 get drunk together and start singing. They force you to join them and then 16 takes center stage and leave you and 15 in the dust.

Your opinion on these pairings?
22) 11/7?

23) 11/12?

24) 7/4?

25) 1/15?

26) 9/16?

27) You and 6?

28) You and 3?

29) Who do you think is cuter? 6 or 15?

30) Who is a better nation in your opinion? 2 or 13?

For a recap, who seemed the most out of character?

Also, who was the most angry at what happened?

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