Group Story Idea(Characters Chosen)

Chapter 1

A Tale of Survival

What would happen if a group of 6 teens suddenly became stranded on a mysterious land with no hope to be saved? The story starts off as a the six teens (students) and a teacher are heading off to Mongolia because of their capability after taking years of Mongolian. But the plane flight, suddenly takes an unexpected detour and the six teens some how manage to find themselves waking up in a foggy land with no more adults as the pilot and teacher were found dead. Together, they must find a way to survive. However, one can never stray because if this so does happen, the creatures in the mist, whatever they are will find ways to kill. Can the teens survive? Will someone find them? Will they be able to create order and stay away from chaos? Can they all work together in perfect harmony? Or will everything they ever worked for during their teenage lives, be washed away?

Something in the Mist

Character Information

Gender (I NEED both boys and girls)
Age (16-18)
Personality (Include both negative and positive traits)
Future Role In Group
Other Relevant Information

My Character

Name:Evelyn Grace Hampton (Prefers Grace or Eve though)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Adventurous, Caring, Compassionate, Considerate, Curious, Ebullient, Fair, Forgiving, Generous, Gentle, Helpful, Casual, Indecisive, Stubborn, Insecure, Disorganized, Clumsy, Over Protective, Naïve, Overly Sensitive, Easily Discouraged, Fanciful, and Passive,
Appearance: Wavy chocolate brown eyes, faded blue green eyes, skin that's in between fair and tan, never seeming to tan nor burn, pink thin lips, high cheek bones, 5'6, average weight/slender, clothing is very neutral and casual.
Future Role In Group: Caretaker
Fears: Fire, Wasps, Bees, Heights, The Dark, Cats, Pain and Discomfort, Failure, Death of Loved Ones
Strengths: Good Listening ear, knows a thing or more about herbs and plants around, retains what is told usually (unless she's daydreaming)
Other Relevant Information: She has taken a first aid class and often times reads (non fiction and fiction) so she knows how to help out if someone gets sick or hurt. She's the middle child in her family, which helps her understand all sides of a situation because she's used as the rope in tug of war often. On the negative side though, she has injured herself a lot due to being clumsy and no paying attention when her mind is else where.

I need 2 more girls, and 3 more guys. Please make your characters diverse, and if you plan on signing up, make sure you are paying attention when it's time to write and such. Love interests will be available for those desired but that will be decided on a later time. Thank you.

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