Magic Comes In Fives (A Group Story)

The staff at Hogwarts may think the twins are a handful, but the Goldans quins are something else. Willow, Cecily, Dysis, Alicia, and Freya are five girls who, besides their green eyes, are quite different. But they're sisters, and they'll stick together through it all; be it good or bad.

Chapter 1

~~Prolgue--The Sorting~~

Be you short or tall,
Large or small;
I am the hat
That is here to sort you all.
I am here to choose the table
Where you will be sat,
I am the Hogwarts Sorting Hat!
If you are academically able,
Hardworking, wise and smart,
Ravenclaw is where you fit the part.
If you are crafty and sly;
Always willing to reach for the sky:
Slytherin is where your loyalties lie.
If you are friendly, loyal and true;
Hufflepuff is the place for you.
If you are brave
And adventure is what you crave:
Gryffindor is the home of such a knave.
So put me on and meet your fate.
Make haste; don't be late.
Take care
And begin this adventure if you dare.

The Goldans stood in al line with the other first years. Alicia was the first of the quins and Willow the last, second stood Cecily, third Dysis, and fourth Freya. They grinned toothily at one another, as the hat sang its song. Then a professor stared calling off names.

"Anderson, Kyle!"

A small blonde boy scampered up and sat on the stool. When the professor put the sorting hat on his head, it fell completely over his face. The room echoed with laughter.

The hat was quiet for a minute, then called out, "RAVENCLAW!!"

The hat was removed from his head, and the boy went to meet his cheering table.

Names and more names were called, until finally,

"Goldans, Aliciana!" Alicia went up to the stool, her blonde hair swaying slightly.
The hat was placed on her head and called out a few moments later,


She walked over to the table that the first kid did.

"Goldans, Cecily!"

There were a few a murmurs from the students.

Cecily walked up to the stool her sister just left and sat down. Her dark brown curls kept the hat up as it was set on her head. It pause for a minute before calling out,


Cecily walked over to the green clad table, who was cheering.

"Goldans, Dysis!"

More mummuring, the word, triplets, could be heard many times.

Dysis glided to the chair, taking steady steps. She walked so calmly that her waist long brown hair barely moved an inch.

After being put on her head, the sorting hat waited a beat.


She went to the cheering table.

"Goldans, Freya!"

Four and How many were uttered through out the room.

Freya strode up to the stool, her beach blonde hair swaying as she went.

The hat sat on her head not even for a second when it called out,


She went for the scarlet covered table, and sat down.

"Goldans, Willow!"

This time it was; Really?! and A fifth!

Willow walked confidently to the stool. She pulled her dirty blonde hair to the side, as the hat was set on her head and it called out,


Willow joined her sister at the table.

All of the Goldans laughed as the rest of the students craned their necks to see if there was a sixth.

The girls met each others eyes, some how able to find the identical green ones even all the way across the Hall.

They stayed that way for a moment, not knowing of the adventures, memories, and friends they were about to make, but anticipating it.

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