Group Story Anybody? (AUTHORS CHOSEN)

Chapter 1

Maybe So?

I kind of want it to be a small group story. So, like, two or three other people. It is not FCFS.

I'm thinking it would be about people on the run. Maybe the prologue would be what they're running from. They have a certain power. Like reading someone's thoughts, controlling someone's actions, etc. But it cannot be like shooting fire from their hands. I guess it has to be a psychological power. Then the three or four people meet by 'fate' or coincidence in a small town. Different obstacles to escape, plans being destroyed by a fault, you know, the normal things. And we'll figure it out from there.

That's a really vague description, but it'll make sense soon.

My Character

Real Name: Delilah Evesy
New Name: Emelia Davidson
Power: She can read others' thoughts.
Reason for Running: She heard her stepfather through his thoughts planning to murder Emelia and her mother. Her mother knows about her power and believed her. Her mother and Emelia ran away, and the stepfather is still chasing them. Her mother left Emelia to keep her safe, so Emelia is now alone.
Age: 19
Gender: F
Appearance: Light Brown, naturally straight hair. Dark brown eyes. Pale skin. Tall, and Long Limbed.
Personality: judgmental, harsh, curious, independent, clever, sneaky, perfectionist
Other Information: She found out about her power when she was just six, and when her mother said things in her thoughts, she'd repeat them. Her grandmother had the power, and her mother knew Emelia had it too. She learned to control it over the years.

Fill Out This:

Real Name:
New Name: {Only if your character is trying to hide their identity}
Reason for Running:
Age: (14-21)

o o o

So . . . yeah!

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