Adrenaline Rush

I'll go in this order for the POVs: Allegro, Lighting, Gee, Roarer, Annabelle, Rocket, repeat.
Welcome to my Nightmare.

Chapter 1

The Start

My name is Allegro. Welcome to my nightmare.
I was created in a lab, having avian molecules grafted into my DNA. I wouldn't have thought anyone would be cruel enough to grow kids from a test tube. And then I met the White Coats. I've officially given them the title of the world's biggest jerk faces or something like that.
I share a cage with some weird girl who's always watching me with one eye and looking around with the other. The extra weird thing is that sometimes she just randomly disappears at times which sets me on edge. They call her Gee or something.
There are two more cages in the room. One with a sort of lion hybrid guy roughly my age with wild hair that appears golden and eyes that reflect the likeness of a cat. He was cute in a 'I'll rip your face off' kinda way. I think his name is Roarer.
With him in the cage was a guy roughly his age that looked relatively normal compared to the rest of us, if you look past the weird spots on his face I pretend are just freckles. His name is Rocket and him and Gee are related in some way. I'm positively sure.
The last cage, to my left, holds two cat hybrids. I know the girl called Lighting annoying well. She's nearly always happy. It's freaking unnatural. White Coats are like We're gonna work you on the treadmill until you collapse from exhaustion and she's all like Yay! Exercise! Our unsubstantial meals are really bringing on those calories! Her happiness rots my very soul.
Right now, Lighting was pacing her cage her tail whipping happily. The girl, Annabelle I think, watches her with zero amusement. She has auburn hair striped with black and white, striped tiger like ears, and claw like finger nails similar to my own.
"Sit down." I hiss, glaring at Lighting.
"Why? Am I bothering you?" She smiles innocently.
I knew not to admit my annoyance so I force myself to smile. "Not at all."
Roarer growls deep in his throat. "I need to get out of here."
"Just now figured that out, Roarer? I realized that fourteen years ago." Annabelle snaps sitting up as much as she could in this cage.
"Maybe we should figure a way out." Gee says quietly.
I glance at her. "As if that would work. We'd be dead before we even hit the door."
"Erasers." Rocket mutters. "We could take them."
"Oh shut up with your fake hope, Rocket." Roarer snaps. "We have no skills at all. We're a bunch of freaks. That's what we are."
"I like to say special." Lighting smiles.
"Yeah, freak show kind of special." Annabelle mutters.
"No, like the kind of special that could change the world." She grins.
Roarer groans but I frown thoughtfully. Change the world?
The door slams open and two White Coats come in and open our cages.
"It's examination day, freaks. Time to go." One says grinning at us.
Without thinking, I leap out of my cage and box the guy's ears. He starts to yell but I stab him in his solar plexus and drop kick him in the head. He hits the ground, unconscious.
I spin around for the next one, but Roarer has already taken him out with an uppercut. I also smile. I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I wipe off the White Coat's blood from my claws.
I could get used to this...Adrenaline Rush.

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