Never Sleep-Never Die

Written by: _ Nothing _ and ihateVEGETABLES
This work is a sequel to She Never Was And Never Will Be

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: FerSure
The movies never get anything right. Specially not moving from one country to another.

Of course, they skip the part where you get lost at the airport and wind up sitting next to an old Indian man whose accent you fail to understand and end up nodding at every time he speaks. They also skip the part where one of your bags gets lost- the one with the most important things, mind you. The only part they portray correctly is the warm, sloppy welcome hug you're given. Although it looks more pleasant and less awkward in movies. Lesson learned: do not expect your life to resemble a movie.

The first thing that's not movie-like of my life is that I'm from Latin America. Of course, watch a regular movie and when on Earth is the character from this small, forgotten country called El Salvador? Never, that's when. Second of all, I had never seen my biological mother. She and my father got divorced when I was a baby and you would be crazy to expect for me to remember her. I have only seen her in pictures (Facebook pictures, not exactly accurate. I bet she has photoshopped them) yet that afternoon in the airport, I could recognize her.

As opposed to her, I refuse to put up images of my face on the Internet where anyone is free to see. That's why she showed herself somewhat confused when I approached her.

"Mother?" I asked her. It took a lot of courage to approach her because I was unsure if she was the right person. Lucky for me, she was. I don't know what I would've done otherwise.

"Pardon me?" She asked. I panicked there for a half second. "Dakota de Leon?"

"Yeah, that's what's written on my birth certificate." She gave me the obligatory laugh and I gave her the obligatory smile and then we did the obligatory "finally-met-you" hug.

In movies, they also fail to mention the part where you get to drive from the airport to your secluded home in Hellsville, Another Planet. It took over three hours to get to my mother's farm house. The whole ride was uncomfortable, or as uncomfortable as riding with a perfect stranger who brought you to the world might be. It consisted mainly of my mother questioning my previous life and finding out I was essentially boring. I wasn't a curious one so there weren't many questions from my part- just those I'm supposed to ask, the obligatory questions. How are you? or Are the businesses going well?

As I could tell from her way of dressing and speaking, my mother was another one of those enthusiastic-rich-housewives. No wonder father moved to the edge of the world and avoided mentioning her during my whole lifetime.

Instead of doing like the normal person might, unpacking and sleeping until the world got invaded by aliens, I arrived to a "surprise" party planned by my mother. I appeared to be thankful, for courtesy but my body begged me for sleep. Every time I sat down, my brain started telling me just a few seconds, not much and my eyes closed and I eventually ended up drooling on my own shirt. That's why I decided not to sit.

"Dakota, I want you to meet Daniel." My mother told me. Before I could curse all the planets and gods of the Norse mythology, my body involuntarily turned around and the muscles in my face contracted to form a smile. I smile a lot more than what I would like.

And before me, a boy not taller than a ten-year-old stood. He wasn't exactly "handsome" or "cute" but there was something that made my heart move a bit- or move like a child with ADHD on a sugar rush. He was giving me the obligatory smile too, but his was a lot better and it looked more natural.

"You guys are more-or-less the same age, right? Daniel how old are you?" My mother asked him. By my estimate, he was around nine, ten-

"Fourteen." He said in a clear voice. I had to blink a few times, discretely of course.

"Ah, you're a year older than Dakota here." She said, as more of a question than a statement, and thank God she was right. "You guys will be going to the same school on Monday. Maybe you can hang out."

There is nothing more awkward than being friendless-oh wait, there is. Being set-up with someone by your mother. This time I could allow myself the luxury of cursing all Norse gods and goddesses. Daniel kept smiling, which led me to think he was retarded. My hypothesis was proved later when my mother abandoned us to do our "bonding".

"So, eight grade?" I asked him.

"No-seventh..." He said. "Wait eight!" And he laughed. "My memory is terrible."

Not just your memory, child. Your entire brain, probably.

"Must be cool to have Mr. Greene as your father." He told me. It took me some time to process, but I eventually deduced he spoke of my step-father. I was about to negate it and tell him the story,but my brain interrupted at that exact moment.

New country, new Dakota.

"Yes. Yes, indeed." I told him. I was not sure what to say about him, as I had never met him actually.

"Indeed." He said.

"Indeed." I said.

"Indeed." He giggled.

"Is that your pickup line?" I gave him the most Creeper PhD look ever.

"Could be." He told me, with the most natural and calm voice ever. I was convinced, really convinced that he lacked a brain.

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