A Party To Remember

Welcome, 2014!

A brand new year calls for a brand new party, eh! And guess who's just been invited with five extra tickets! Everlie Zash, that lucky girl!

Oh my god, this is such bad writing. It is so cheesy. This is for the contest, but trust me, I'm not going to win. I probably spent about thirty minutes on this. So, I guess, ENJOY! {or at least try to}

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Everlie! You've got a letter!" Miss Zash was going through the mail and found Everlie's name written neatly on an envelope. She didn't know how Everlie had gotten a letter, why all Everlie ever did was sit in her room all day.

"A letter?" Everlie responded, paired with the noise of her bounding down the stairs. She took the letter from her mom's hand and went back upstairs to open it. Miss Zash just rolled her eyes, "You know you're going to have to eat!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Everlie shrugged her mom off.

Opening the envelope, she saw a very festive looking card inside. On the front it had the words, 'You're invited . . .'. Everlie opened the card to the inside.

'You're invited to Quibblo's 2014 New Years Party! If you get there at six, we'll have a wonderful dinner for you! We'll stay up past midnight and count down to the new year! Come celebrate with the Quibblonians! All your friends will be there, and you can play games with them, or meet the Quibblo Team! This party will be one to remember! Wait, you forgot the best part! We have given you five extra tickets to share with your friends! Choose whichever guests you want! Hope you can make it!'

A quibblo party! This was going to be the biggest party of the century. Rumor had it that all the cool people came there. Youtubers, famous Quibblonians, even Wattpad users came. Everlie was definitely going!

First, she had to decide the five guests. There were two people that she knew she just had to invite. She wrote those two names down.

Then she needed to think of three more. Maybe a friend from school. Oh! She knew who was great for this. Her friend was a big writer, and would definitely love getting invited.

Two more! This was getting hard for Everlie. What about her friend from theatre? She was a little bit younger than Everlie, but was super crazy, and would party all. night. long.

One more. Her dog! She thought of this right as her beautiful puppy dog came in, his tail wagging.

Now, what was she going to wear? The party was in three hours, and she still wasn't ready. She decided to wear a very casual outfit. Aqua green colored jeans, with a lacey, white shirt. Perfect!

She wore her hair like she usually did, in a ponytail. Except this ponytail had braids on the side of the head. This was the perfect mix between casual and PARTY!

It was five thirty, and the party was about forty-five minutes away.

"Mom! Can you drive me to a party?" She called and ran down the stairs.

Miss Zash smiled in glee, "As long as your out of that bedroom!"

Everlie was screaming inside. Woooooooooohoo! Let's PARTAY!

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