Relatives: A Big Bang Theory Fan Fiction

Relatives: A Big Bang Theory Fan Fiction

Chapter 1


Me (suspense7):
Name: Indigo Johnson
Age: 14
Relationship to character: Penny's cousin
Appearance: Straight dirty blonde hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, normally found wearing a band tee and jeans.
Personality: Creative, artistic, loves music, stubborn, smart-ish
Other: Her mom is dead

Name: Eric Cooper
Age: 15
Relationship to character: Is Sheldon' s cousin
Appearance: spiky bright blue hair, blue eyes, looks actually quite similar to Sheldon, Tall, pale, multiple peircings. No one can tell that he is actually related to Sheldon, even if they are alike very much
Personality: a bit less stoic and awkward than Sheldon. Rebellious, defiant, stubborn, arrogant, he is very smart as well, but more in World History and Arts and Literature than science and math. Eric is blunt and straightforward as Sheldon but lies far better.
Other: He plays bass guitar in a punk band, is into the hipster and punk phase, and likes to party. He looks like he is eighteen. Sheldon isn't exactly fond of him.

Name: Lilliana Hofstadter
Age: 14
Relationship to character: Sister by adoption
Appearance: blonde wavy hair, chestnut eyes, tanned, freckled skin, she has a dimpled above the the left side of her lip
Personality: she's bubbly, and she'd love to take up physics. She adapts to the people she wants to adapt to.
Other: She loves Sheldon like a brother more than Leonard, much to his displeasure. Leonard wants badly to connect with her, but she's never seen him before and he never made any effort.

Name: Lisa Ann Fowler
Age: 14
Relationship to character: is Amy's neice
Appearance: Long black hair, pale skin, has freckles, Red thick rimmed glasses, thin and gawk.
Personality: Shy, quiet, Intelligent, likes to draw, sensitive, loner, a bit COD which is how come she actually gets along with Sheldon so much, is extremely socially awkward and was home schooled all her life.

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