This is who I am

© Achlys T. Agrave/CourtneyEwards

Chapter 1

This is me .....

Physical Appearance:

What is your gender? female
What is your age? 18
What is your hairstyle? light brown long hair, with red and blond highlights, bangs that cover my left eye, normal down or in a low ponytail.
What is your clothing style? Baggy jeans, tee-shirt, runners, hoodie
What would you be labeled as? Emo, quiet, Jock
Heritage? Canadian, Ukraine, German, Hungarian, and one part unknown

This is me:

Country you live in? Canada
Do you have siblings? Yes
What languages do you speak? English, Greek, German, Hungarian, Latin
What sports do you play? Ringette, basketball, Floor Hockey
What book genre do you read? Fantasy, Action, Si Fi, Adventure
What music do you listen to? Rock, pop, rap, country, techno
What are your nicknames? Cedz, Achlys, Kitty
How many friends do you have? A few

Have you ever:

[ ] I have smoked?
[X] I have self-harmed?
[ ] I have done drugs?


[X] I have more than one knife?
[X] I bite my nails?
[ ] I grind my teeth?
[X] I scratch my arms when nervous?


[ ] I am scared of the dark?
[X] I am scared of clowns?
[ ] I am scared of open spaces?
[ ] I am scared of closed spaces?
[ ] I am Scared of heights?
[X] I am scared of being touched?
[ ] I am scared of being alone?
[ ] I am scared of large crowds?
[X] I am scared of life?
[X] I am scared of death?
[X] I am scared of people seeing my emotions?
[X] I am scared to trust?
[X] I am scared to sleep?
[X] I am scared of being forgotten?


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