He Said

Written in a teenage girl, Hannah's, perspective.
Not a true story.
Until i say it is the end of the story, i am constantly working on new chapters.
Comment if you want a twist or anything. Comment what you think. If you want more after i'm finished i will think about making a sequel but please stay tuned for new chapters.

Chapter 1


by: iluvu517
He said it would be ok.
He said it wasn't a big deal.
He said i was overdramatic.
He said it wouldn't matter.
He was wrong.

"Look at it, hun! Isn't it beautiful?" My mother said with a smiling sigh as we stood in front of our new house.
I pulled one earbud out of my ear, rolling my eyes,"Gorgeous, mom. Just gorgeous."
"C'mon Han, it'll be great here!" She took my hand and squeezed it. "I know it's going to be hard to adjust with the move and everything but.. i think it's a good start for something new." She smiled her toothy white smile again, her green eyes squinting happily.
"Whatever." I said, pushing the earbud back into my ear, letting the rush of Demi Lovato's new song Heart Attack escape into my eardrum.

This was so unfair. My idiotic mother moving into a brand spankin' new house with her brand spankin' new boyfriend. Just what i need. Perfect. I geuss the last boyfriend didn't teach her anything. Once my mom divorced my alcoholic, drug-abused dad, all she wanted was a man to treat her right. The thing is, men do nothing but harm. At least all the men me and my mom have ever encountered.
Mark, her first boyfriend after the divorce, asked for pictures of me naked.
Nick, the next one, was secretly gay.
Brian cheated on her.
Charlie just wanted her money.
Matt abused her.
And now i'm waiting for the current boyfriend, Danny, to be a jerk just like the rest of em.
My mom was the kind mom that would do anything for her kid. She had sparkling big green eyes and long blonde hair. She had the heart of an angel but could never see through anybody else's "kindness". As an example if a drunken man with a beer in his hand outside of a bar told her she was pretty she'd take him home and fall in love with him.
As for me, i have my mothers blonde hair but my fathers boring, dark, brown eyes. I think eye color tells a lot about a person. To me, if someone has light and bright eyes they see things as they are shown and they love even if the person they love does nothing to deserve it. On the other hand, people who have dark eyes see everything how it really is and they react to them as they should be.
All of the sudden, i felt a muscular hand on my shoulder. I ripped Heart Attack out of my ears, violently spinning around. Danny.
"What the hell?! Don't you know i can't hear you coming with music in my ears?!"
He started laughing. "Sorry Han, didn;t think i'd scare you! Do you like the new house?"
"Don;t worry, you'll warm up to it. After all... we are technically family now that we're all living together." He smiled, "It'll be fine."
I jammed both my earbuds back into my ears, "Just leave me alone and maybe i won't hate you." I thought about what he said while the music continued in my ears. Family?
I pulled my earbuds out again, "And you'll never be apart of MY family. If my clueless, hopeless romantic, mom wants to add you to HER family, so be it." I walked closer to him so i could talk right at him, "But you're not my dad and you never will be. So get out of my life sooner or later."
The music blasted again and i walked into the new house. I should say "home" but home isn't where Danny will be.

Some might disagree with the way i talked to Danny that day, but i knew he was exactly like all the others. Sick, twisted, and not gonna stay. I wasn't gonna let him think that i was letting him into me and my mothers life.

That first night at the house was rough. I could hear the happy couple laughing and kissing from upstairs in my room. It disgusted me. She was brainwashed.
Their laughing slowly stopped and i heard my name being called, "Hannah! Sweetheart, please come down here!"
I grunted and reluctantly trudged down the stairs to see Danny and Mom smiling like fools. "What." I scrunched my eyebrows.
My mother walked towards me from the middle of the kitchen and took both my hands, "Honey.. we're getting married!!" She shrieked with joy.
I look down at her hands and saw a sparking diamond ring on her finger. I stared at her with a blank expression. Her smile was starting to dissapear but i didnt care.
"You're all fricken crazy."
And I stomped upstairs without another word.
I slammed my door and shrunk into the floor, curled up in a ball. I cried. He would hurt her. I knew he would.
I started to scream, my hands over my ears. I didn't want a replacement dad. Who did she think she was trying to do that to me. All i knew... was that i was done being apart of this thing that my mother called a family. I was done.

The next morning the house was silent. I walked down the rickety steps into the foyer and slipped into my kitchen. The two were sitting at the table, staring straight at me. They were holding hands which almost made me gag.
"Hannah. I know this is hard for you." Danny said.
"We never meant to make it difficult. We love eachother and we love you." My mother managed a small smile under her sniffles.
I stood there in silence, my eyes hard as rocks. They would never see me cry. I wasnt sad, i was furious.
A tear dripped from her eyes, "Please honey..." Danny wiped her tear from her pale cheek. "We just want you to understand that-"
"I understand perfectly fine." I interrupted her. "'you 'love' eachother? Bullshit. If you haven't noticed, all men you've ever dated have been scum. What makes Mr. Perfect over here any different?! Huh?!" I was yelling at her, not realizing there was tears streaming down my face. "YOU'RE the one that doesn't understand! I hate you!"
I ran upstairs and slammed my door as loud as i could.

Nobody cared.

I didn't care.


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