bored as h*ck

Chapter 1


by: gaypizza
1. Do you live in the city or the country?

2. Is there anything you don't like?
many things

3. What was the last band you saw live?
fall out boy

4. Are you taken?

5. Do you prefer a large family or a small family?
fairly small

6. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
i have 4 pairs of shoes and they are all converse and 3/4 are black

7. How many pets are in your house? Do you have a favorite?

8. Take the closest book to you and type the fourth sentence on page 54.
"You were on a tour?" Hollis asked.

9. What was the last word you heard out loud?
my mom yelled at my dog to get off the couch

10. When was the last time you swam in the ocean?
summer 2013

11. Do you like cold weather?

12. What do you do when you procrastinate?
sleep/watch tv/listen to music/cry

13. What day were you born on?
feb 14th

14. How many regrets do you have in life?
i dont really regret things anymore im too full of bitterness to have any emotions of regret

15. Do you know anyone with piercings and tattoos?

16. Are you old enough to drive or drink or vote?

17. Do you lie about anything on the internet?
not really

18. Do you like school?
certain aspects of it

20. Do you follow any television shows?

21. What kind of phone/computer do you have?
my comp is a lenovo

22. Are there any trends you think won't last?
isnt that the point of a trend

23. What would you want to change about your body?
lots of things

24. Are you an athlete?

25. Have you ever left the country?


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