Liar (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)

Liar (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)



Kimiko Sasaki joined Fairy Tail with a mission in mind. That mission is to find her little sister. Kimiko's dark personality makes it hard for her to communicate with people, but once she's in Fairy Tail she finds herself falling for someone she never expected to fall for.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I let out a small sigh as I walked across the meadow. It was about noon and the warm sunlight was spread all across the grass. Colorful wildflowers were sprinkled across the lush green grass, giving the endless meadow a bit of color. I was glad to be out of the last town I was in, people were not my specialty. I disliked speaking with others, but I knew that once I started my mission it would be hard to avoid.

I was heading to Magnolia to join a guild called Fairy Tail, a loud and well-known guild. I wanted to perfect my magic as much as I could so I could find her, the one person I would never stop caring about.

My little sister, Mei.

I was pulled away from her against my will. Mei was the only person that could make me smile. She was my reason to stay happy and I loved her. But when I was a kid, my curiosity got the best of me, resulting in my parents hating me and abandoning me. I could still remember everything that happened, every little detail.

------------------- FLASHBACK -------------------

"Kimiko!" Mei's sweet, innocent voice rang into my ears. I turned around to see what she wanted. Her small lips were pouting, deep brown eyes looking unsatisfied. "I'm bored."

"Shh, I'm almost done." I shushed my sister in a whisper. Mei and I had snuck into our family's library, the one place we were not allowed to be in. I was a bookworm, so I had always wanted to check it out. But Mom had told me the library was off-limits, which confused me. What harm could a couple of books do? I was only nine, so I had foolishly decided to sneak into the huge room and Mei had followed me.

I was currently skimming through a big, dusty book I had found on the top of a bookshelf. It was titled 'Dark Magic', which sounded like a cool story to me. I had opened the book, which turned out not to be a story, but a guide on how to use the magic. My parents were strong wizards but each a little crazy. If they had magic, I should too. I wanted to show them that I could use magic too, so I was looking in this book for a good spell to show them.

My face broke out into a smile. "Here's one!" I told Mei, pointing at a spell in the book. I read through the directions several times, skipping over the words I couldn't read. Mom always told me I was a really good reader for my age. "First I have to put my hands like this." I cupped my hands and stretched out my arms. "Then I have to close my eyes and recite what the book tells me to, and I'll have magic!"

Mei's eyes brightened. "Woah! I wanna see!"

I grinned at her and nodded. "Okay!" I stood up and held out my arms again, cupping my hands. I closed my eyes. "Spirits that reside above me, lend me the darkness to overcome all weakness... Lightning of darkness!"

"Kimiko! Kimiko it's working!" Mei squealed, clapping her hands.

I opened my eyes wide at the sight of the black lightning that was emitting from my hands. "I did it!" I cheered, my hair levitating.

Our celebration was short lived. The lightning began to grow larger and sizzle with my excitement and suddenly, the light I had turned on earlier flickered and went off. Mei whimpered. I frowned, knowing I was going to get in trouble as soon as my parents realized I had been in the library. It was time to go.

"I-It won't stop!" I began to panic as the lightning only grew. I began to feel fear. The lightning struck a few books, then destroyed a whole bookshelf. Mei and I screamed.

The door flew open and my parents stood in the entrance, their eyes widening when they saw me. The light that had flooded in with the door opening was sucked into the lightning, making it bigger. "Mom! Dad! Make it stop!" I screamed, eyes moistening.

"MONSTER!" My Mother accused me, pointing with a shaking finger.

The lightning soon exploded, sending Mei and I back with a powerful force. I was slammed against the wall because of the impact and passed out. The next time I woke up, I was alone in the woods. I walked around in tears, searching for my family. I never found them. Instead, an older teenager found me. She had been living alone, too, and took me in.

Her name was Autumn. She helped me control my magic and I learned a new kind, the magic I used today. Autumn never smiled or treated me very nice, but I was happy. She was my friend. I wanted to find Mei again but for the time being stayed with Autumn until a few months ago. We were attacked by members of a dark guild. We were outnumbered and had to run. Autumn didn't survive.

-------------------END FLASHBACK -------------------

After burying my friend, I went to a nearby town to figure out where to go next. I found out about a guild named Fairy Tail, which sounded like a good place to go to improve my magic. With that, I had a new goal in mind.

My ultimate mission, though, was to find Mei and my family. I had no interest in my family, they abandoned me after all. But Mei was my happiness, the ray of hope that pierced the darkness. I wanted to tell her I never meant to leave her. I just hoped she remembered me and didn't hate me.

The sun was going down after I went over my goal and memories. I reached Magnolia and made my way through the people. The laughing, talking, and yelling didn't reach me, as I was too focused on trying to get to the guild. I stopped in front of the building. 'FAIRY TAIL', it said, an orange flag with the white fairy or whatever it was, hanging off of the building. My heart pounded and I began to feel nervous, but I knew there was no going back. Not after I had come this far.

I took a last deep breath and opened the doors.


Okay, I decided to post this. :) Let me know what you think, please, and if you think Kimiko's past and personality is realistic. and out of all of the characters in Fairy Tail ( as in the whole anime, not just the guild ), who do you think she would be most compatible with so far?

Thanks for reading!

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