Not Exactly Disney--A Princess Story

Disney usually only shows what most people would see as perfect princesses. Sure, they have their problems, leading to the main conflict in each story, but they do have most things in common. They're all beautiful young girls who could fit in any size two pair of jeans. They're the smartest around, can sing the best, and always get the prince if they aim for it. This story isn't about a perfect girl though.

I might make this a series if this one turns out well, so feedback?

Chapter 1

Princess Cancer

It was a beautiful Spring day in the kingdom where Princess Cleo lived with her parents, King Michelangelo and Queen Samantha. The flowers were in full bloom and the kingdom was getting ready for it's annual Spring festivities. Every year around this time the castle and surrounding area would celebrate the end of a cold Winter and the start of a beautiful rest of the year. It would be complete with a fair, town activities, and at the very end of the week, a grand ball to end it all.
Princess Cleo's birthday just happened to land on the day of the ball this year. She would be turning eighteen this year, and she was ecstatic to be so close to adulthood. Although, the date also held fear in it. Almost a year ago on the date Princess Cleo had been diagnosed with a very serious form of terminal cancer. She was given only six months to live. Against all odds she had surpassed that end date by months, but every morning she woke up with a fear that she would die that day, and every night she went to bed she feared that she would never wake up the next morning.
During her teen years she had spent much of her time in hospitals around the country, and even foreign countries too. Her parents' wallet had no limit when it came to trying to treat her with chemotherapy and any other method that anyone suggested, but it seemed to do nothing but make the Princess' hair fall out.
Since her due date had passed the hospitals saw no reason why Cleo should spend her last days in a hospital. They wanted her to get out and live whatever was left of her life. There was nothing they could do for her anymore. They just had pity for the Princess. For a girl who grew up in the arms of luxury, her life was anything but luxurious.
When she made public appearances she wore a wig made to match her old hair. Her parents didn't want her illness to be publicized, but of course, royal life can never really be kept personal, and so of course the whole world knew about it and shared their pity with the Princess.
The Princess hated it, getting other's pity. She didn't want it. She wanted people to treat her like any other normal girl, or at least any other normal Princess. She hated what the kingdom, and the rest of the world had named her, "Princess Cancer."
She wished nothing more than for some magical entity to solve all of her problems and make her well again, but nothing seemed to work. That is, until the first day of the Spring festival...

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