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(Not a true story.)
(Recommended for 16+)

Chapter 1

Not Yet Gone

by: iluvu517
He was gorgeous. His crisp blue eyes and his dark hair that fell perfectly. The way his nose crinkled when he laughed. His smile that made my heart flutter and my mind go reeling. His name was Charlie.

My first year at the University of Pipesville so far was amazing! I'd learn how to do my magic in the most amazing ways i could turn a cat into a turtle!

Just kidding. This isn't one of those stories. This is my love story. My story. And it started on a Tuesday.

January eighth, Charlie talked to me. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes, that would've been enough... but he actually spoke to me. "Hey," he had said on that Tuesday morning.
I responded with a simple hi.
He smiled at me with his own perfect teeth. "Your name's Liz right?"
I tried not to scream with excitement that he was close to my name. I cleared my throat, "Alyssa, actually." I gave him a small smile, hoping he'd fall in love like i did to him.
"Oh, cool name. 'Alyssa..' nice." And he walked away.
I wanted to faint. I wanted to cry. I wanted to smile until my teeth fell out. I wanted to hug somebody until they pried me off of them. So i ran out of my class into the hallway of the college calling my best friend on her phone.
"Hello?" Kayla said when she picked up.
"Kay... come.. to... dorm... NOW." I was out of breath.
There was a long silence. "Is this Alyssa Sanchek?" She asked me.
"Of course it's me, loser. NOW COME TO MY DORM!"
Longer silence. "Honey.." She started, "This is Kayla's mother. You need to come to the hospital right now. Nobody told you, I'm geussing. Come quick."
The phone line went dead.

I rushed to the nearest hospital, asking for a Kayla Crepe at the front desk. She led me to an emergency room in silence when i see Kayla laying on a hospital bed with her eyes closed.
"What happened?!" I whispered to her mother who stood up when i walked in.
"She was on a car accident. Came in contact with a drunk driver." She sniffled, "She passed out when she crashed and she hasn't woken up yet." A tear went down her face and she sat back down.
I kneeled next to Kayla and held her lifeless hand. She was breathing, i watched her chest move up and down, i felt her pulse on her wrist. She was pale as a ghost and her skin was cold.
A man walked in with a doctor's coat on. "Test results just came in." He had a solid hard expression.
Mrs. Crepe stood up again, "What does it say?"
I listened carefully. He looked at me, "Would you like to hear this as well?"
I nodded. He sighed, "She's in a coma."
My vision starting blurring, my mind swimming. I saw black splotches in my sight and my head hurt. I collapsed on to the ground and the last thing i heard was Kayla's mother sobbing.

There was doctors standing over me as my eyes cleared. The voices sounded like they were underwater but i was conscious. "She can't be a coma. She's my best friend. She's like my sister." I stood up with confidence. "Expect me here tomorrow... and the next day... and the next. I will come every single day for as long as she is in a coma. Expect me." And i walked out, clutching my purse to my side.
I could feel the doctors staring at me as i walked down the hallway, out the doors of the ER.

I came the next day, it was already dark out. There was nobody in the room where her sleeping body was lying. "Hey Kay." I knelt down next to her, "It was weird not having you here today. I kept wanting to call you after the exams today but i couldn't. I'm here now." I stared at her, my throat feelings like it was closing. "Charlie talked to me yesterday. He thought my name was Liz, haha. That's kind of close to Alyssa right?" I forced a weak laugh. When i didn't get a response i felt a tear go down my cheek. I closed my eyes and sighed underneath the salty tears leaking from my eyes, "Clara will be wondering where i was." Clara's my roommate. "Goodnight, Kayla. Love you."
I turned out her light and told her to sleep well. She wasn't gone, i felt her with me in that room, her warmth. Not a day would i be saying goodbye to her, goodbye is forever.

Kayla was not yet gone.

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