Group Story Sign-Ups! (Authors Chosen! People Who Signed Up Read!)

Chapter 1

I love this idea I made up! :)

by: Pierced_
In present time, there is a lab in a remote area deep within the frigid Antarctica. Except, this lab is illegal and no one knows about it. This lab takes kids from a very young age (about 2 years old) and make them into "superhumans" by fusing their DNA with chemicals and DNA of other animal species. If the fusion was a success, they would keep the subject, and give them an identification number, not even a name. If the fusion failed, the children would be killed. The children here act like robots to the scientists, following every command, but they are not. Now, these five children find out their life is a huge lie, and venture into the real world to live a different life, before they are caught and killed.

I would like two girls and two boys. You must write in two weeks. Here is the character form:

Name: (Should be a combination of letters and numbers. Two letters, three numbers. Ex: AB-123)
Human Name: (Pick a name they will use once they escape the lab. Only a first name.)
Age: (13 or 14)
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Specialty: (Only one)
Abilities: (Powers they received from the DNA fusions. Max is three)
Love Interest: (Optional)

Here is my character:

Name: AK-475
Human Name: Samantha
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Hair Style: Loose Curls
Hair Length: Hip-Length
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5' 3"
Specialty: Transfiguration (Can transform into any kind of weapon, and transform anything she touches into a weapon.)
Abilities: Transfiguration, enhanced speed, can fly.
Love Interest: A male character
Other: She has a pair of small black wings she uses to fly.

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