Ace Attorney Series: A Very Merry Turnabout

Ace Attorney Series: A Very Merry Turnabout

The series is back from it's vacation. This one is during the Christmas holiday. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Episode 18: A Very Merry Turnabout

Covert- So it be you in the courtroom this time. Remember, no one has beaten me in court. You will lose.

*???-( We’ll see, in court who will lose.

( We find Phoenix in his office .)

Phoenix- I think I made a mistake.

Maya- He’ll do fine, Nick.

(Maya shows up. )

Phoenix- No, he won’t.

( The scene fades and we find Iris with Pearl as Pearl is continuing her training in the mountains. )

Iris- You seem to handle yourself in this cold.

Pearl- I hadn’t notice.

Iris- (Laughs.) Well, it’s time for you to take a break now.

Pearl- Okay.

( Iris serves up some tea for Pearl when they hear a crash outside the temple. Iris runs off to see what it was when they see a body if a young girl who’s head was smashed in. )

Iris- No not now.

( Sirens are heard off in the distance. )

Ace Attorney Opening

Phoenix- Hi, My name is Phoenix Wright. I was once a famous attorney that fought countless battles till one day I met a rookie prosecutor that cost me my badge. I aided Apollo through his battle. The courtroom has gotten to be even worse since I was gone. I went back and took the bar exam again to take on these fierce opponents. My road will change forever now because my old friends have come and helped me on my new quest in the courthouse. I am ready for battle, OBJECTION!! (Objection 2001- From: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney)

December 20, 2025- 9:00 a.m.-Wright & Co. Law Office

( Apollo walks into Phoenix’s Office when Maya stops him. )

Maya- I don’t believe Nick asked for you.

Apollo- He didn’t, I wanted to speak to him.

Maya- What do you want?

Apollo- I want to talk to him about a case. I want to work on.

Maya- But we didn’t get a call about a case.

Apollo- I know.

( Phone rings. )

Maya- I’ve got to take this, feel free to talk to Nick.

Apollo- Thanks

( He walks up to Phoenix’s desk. )

Phoenix- (Looks up from his desk.) What can I do for you?

Apollo- Can I take on the next case you get a call for?

Phoenix- I don’t see why not.

Maya- NICK!!

Phoenix- (Gets out of his set.) Hold that thought. (Runs out of his office.) What is it Maya?

Maya- Iris was arrested!

Phoenix- (Looks back at Apollo.) Well Apollo, this is your case.

Apollo- (Turns towards Phoenix.) I have to defend a flower?

Phoenix- She’ll be flattered when you say that to her. Iris is Pearls’ sister.

Apollo- What a lovely combination a jewel and a flower.

Phoenix- You know Pearls right?

Apollo- Yeah, she’s about the same age as Trucy, right?

Phoenix- Around there.

Maya- You’re not going to believe this. The victim is a nine-year-old names Trixie Albright.

Phoenix- (Looks at Apollo.) Give me every information you can get incase something comes up.

Apollo- I know, Mr. Wright. I’ve done this before. I can’t believe a nine-year-old girl was caught in the mix.

Phoenix- And to think Iris is accused of doing it.

Apollo- Okay, I’m on my way.

December 20, 2025- 9:30 a.m.- Detention Center

( Iris shows up. )

Apollo- Well, you do look like a flower.

Iris- You’re from Mr. Wright’s office?

Apollo- Yes, Apollo Justice is my name, please to meet you.

Iris- I don’t know about this.

Apollo- What?

Iris- If Mr. Wright couldn’t come he should have sent Mr. Edgeworth.

Apollo- Hey, I’m just as good here.

Iris- It’s not that, I don’t know if you can beat “him.”

Apollo- H-him? W-who is h-him?

Iris- He is known as the “Nightmare in the courtroom.”

Apollo- Freddy Kruger?

Iris- Wrong movie, this is no laughing matter here Mr. Justice.

Apollo- I take Freddy Kruger seriously.

Iris- Tell Mr. Wright this isn’t going to work.

Apollo- I can’t.

Iris- You have no idea what you’re getting into, Mr. Justice. If you take me as your client you won’t last 15 minutes in that courtroom.

Apollo- He can’t be that tough.

Iris- Do you want to see this flower dead?

Apollo-Of course not.

Iris- With the amount of evidence stacked up against me I will be found guilty.

Apollo- Not if you don’t know the victim.

Iris- Shows you how much you know. I do know the victim. She’s sister Bikini’s niece.

Apollo- Oh, no. What have I done?

Iris- How many years have you been an attorney?

Apollo- This is my second year.

Iris- You have to know your role first before you take him on.

Apollo- Can you tell me anything about the victim?

Iris- She fell off the roof with her head slit wide open.

Apollo- And they claim you placed her body on the roof when you killed her.

Iris- That’s right.

Apollo- (Why did I take this case? Iris is shaking in fear. I don’t think I’m right guy for this job.) Are you okay Iris?

Iris- (Pants, sweating bullets.) I can’t breathe, I think my heart is stopping.

Apollo- Guards, we need a doctor! She’s having problems breathing.
Guard- The ambulance is on it’s way.

Apollo- Iris, hang in there.

Iris- (Tears form, pants, sweating bullets.) Get Mr. Edgeworth to take the case, he can crack him.

*Apollo-8 (Crying.) Anything you say.

December 20, 2025- 10:30 a.m.- Outside the High Prosecution Office.

( Apollo runs into Edgeworth. )

Edgeworth- What is it Justice? You almost made me into a chop steak.

Apollo- It’s Iris.

Edgeworth- (Shocked.) What the hell is Mr. Wright thinking putting you into a courtroom by yourself with Mario Covert.

Apollo- She wants you to fight him.

Edgeworth- (Shocked.) News flash, I’m a prosecutor.

Apollo- She begged me to convince you before she was carted to the hospital.

Edgeworth- (Arms folded.) I’ll work something out. You go investigating.

Apollo- Okay.

( Gumshoe shows up. )

Gumshoe- Hey kid.

Apollo- Just the man I wanted to see. You can give me information about this case.

Gumshoe- Oh, getting information for Mr. Wright. Okay, let see here. The victim’s name is Trixie Albright, she’s nine-years-old and was murdered with a lead pipe and placed on the top of the Hazakura Temple. Anything else?

Apollo- I don’t know, you tell me detective.

Gumshoe- Oh yeah, time of death was three days ago when the victim was spotted on the doorstep of the Hazakura Temple. The witness who were there first at the scene was the suspect Iris Fey and her sister Pearl Fey.

Apollo- What made Iris look like the suspect of the crime?

Gumshoe- When we questioned her she said no one was in the area three days ago. Which made Iris the only suspect. But is you ask me, someone is trying to frame the poor girl.

Apollo- Thanks detective, that’s all I need.

Gumshoe- (Laughs.) I hope so cause I’m not allowed to give out anymore. Mario Covert’s rules.

( Apollo leaves. )

December 20, 2025- 11:00 a.m.- Wright & Co. Law Office

( Apollo enters. )

Phoenix- Hey Apollo, what did you get?

Apollo- What I could since I’m not allowed to go to the crime scene.

Phoenix- So Edgeworth is most likely taking the case.

Apollo- You could say that.

Phoenix- Speak-up boy.

( Trucy enters. )

Trucy- Daddy, did you know Mario Covert has taken the case?

Phoenix- (Shocked.) What?

Maya- What’s wrong?

( Maya enters. )

Phoenix- (Gets out of his seat.) I think I’ve made a mistake.

Maya- I’m sure he’ll do fine, Nick.

Phoenix- No, he won’t. Mario Covert will place him in an oven and when Apollo is nice and brown, Iris will be dead. I’ve got to do something.

Apollo- Wait, Edgeworth said he would take care of it. He said he’ll work something out. Iris pleaded with me to get Edgeworth in that courtroom. She said he was the only one who could crack him.

Phoenix- Iris said that?

Apollo- Before she was taken to the hospital.

Phoenix- Her heart was giving. She was very afraid when I sent you. I should have gone instead.

Maya- (Looks at Phoenix.) Would it matter, Nick? (Phoenix looks at Maya.) Once she found out Mario Covert was the prosecutor then she would have started to panic.

Trucy- (Looks at Phoenix, clinches fist.) She’s right, daddy. Iris would have had an episode even if it was you that had of been there.

Phoenix- I’m going to see her.

Maya- I’m coming with you.

Phoenix- (Slips jacket on.) You two behave while Maya and I are gone.

Trucy- Don’t worry, daddy.

Apollo- Nice, now I’m in trouble.

December 20, 2025- 6:00 p.m.- High Prosecution Office- Room 1202

( Mario Cover enters. )

Covert- So you’re the one who called me.

Edgeworth- Yes, prosecutor vs. prosecutor.

Covert- So it will be you in the courtroom this time. Remember no one has beaten me in court. You will loose.

Edgeworth- We’ll see, in court tomorrow. Oh, I’ll have a surprise for you in court tomorrow. Wait until you see it.

Covert- Nice, a remake of the case that happened 8 years ago. Edgeworth and Wright on the same side.

Edgeworth- I’d like you to stop reading my files and Mr. Wright’s files. We will soon find out if that case is related or not tomorrow.

Covert- Yeah, really. Okay I’m game, see you tomorrow.

Edgeworth- See you tomorrow. ( To Be Continued. )

Next Time- (Edgeworth.) Time to take in in the courtroom. I have a surprise for Mario Covert and it’s not a friendly surprise. As the battle rages on.

(Phoenix.) But Edgeworth we’re losing the fight.

(Edgeworth.) Thanks for spoiling the surprise Wright. On the next episode. Part 2- Living On the Edgeworth.

(Phoenix.) Hey, that’s my line.

(Edgeworth.) We need a new writer.

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