The Hobbit and The Star

This is a Hobbit fanfic. I know I already wrote one, but my opinions on many things have changed over the course of a few months. I've changed. The world itself has changed. I know I use Zora for an awful lot of my stories, but she is me and I am her, if that makes any sense. Ah, well. Here goes.

Chapter 1

The Visit of Gandalf

I raced through the woods near the small town of Hobbiton. I laughed as the wind pushed my short, black hair out of my face and fired an arrow into a target I had recently carved into a tree. My pony, Rune whinnied in triumph as I hit the bulls-eye.

"Ha! How's that for a shot, my beauty?" I asked her and reloaded, completely alone, as we had been for many years now. Truthfully, it was kind of lonely, but I had made my choice. I didn't wish to endanger any more lives, hobbit, elf, dwarf, man, or Starling.

Suddenly, Rune reared, her forelegs beating the air in front of her. I stopped aiming at the target and listened for any sounds in the undergrowth. A bent, old man dressed in grey robes and holding a staff emerged from behind a tree. I pointed my bow at him and watched suspiciously as he removed a grey hat with an extremely wide brim.

"Now, Zora. Is that really how you would treat an old friend?" He asked and I examined the lines of his face until I recognized who it was.

"Gandalf!" I cried and threw down my bow, running towards the old man in joy. "It's wonderful to see you again! How are those ol' fireworks going?" My eyes sparked with mischief and he laughed.

"They are quite well, as am I. Now, I must ask a favor of you." I nodded for him to carry on. "I am escorting a company of thirteen dwarves and maybe one hobbit. I need you to come to Bag-End, the home of our burglar, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, tonight. There will be a sign glowing on the door. You will know. We will be discussing important matters of our journey to retake the Lonely Mountain from the fire-drake Smaug."

I stopped nodding at the last sentence. "You want to go take back Erebor from a dragon? Gandalf, are you sure that is a good idea with just thirteen dwarves, yourself, and a Hobbit? Here, let me check that old head of yours," I scrambled onto a branch just above the wizards head before he grabbed my leg.

"Zora, I am perfectly fine. But I fear darker evils are arising than just a dragon. We may have need of your, ah, skills on this journey. Please, old friend, if there is one favor you owe me, let it be this."

I sighed and dropped down from the tree. "Fine. Fine. Don't blame me if we all end up being cooked by dragon-flame or something."

The wizard laughed and turned to leave. "I will take the blame myself, my friend. I must be leaving now. Goodbye, though I believe we will see each other again tonight, in a hobbit-hole."

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