A rant which I have no idea how to title

Chapter 1


As we all are aware, I am the owner of some very strong opinions. Like, incredibly strong. My opinions could kick your opinions' ass.

Okay so maybe not that strong, because I don't really like arguing with people unless I think I have a good reason to, ie if someone offends my sexuality.

Anyway, prepare your eyeballs for yet another display of my opinionated self. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

So this is kinda directed towards guys, because it's got something to do with guys' attitudes towards girls and how shitty they are. And you might be getting your arguments ready now, and preparing yourself to go on your own little rant in the comments; but hear me out.

Of course, not all guys are like this. But yeah, most of you are.

So there's this incredibly shitty universal idea that all girls are insecure, shivering wrecks who need to be told they're "beautiful" or "perfect" every twelve seconds in order to prevent them from collapsing into a sobbing heap of insecurities and "i-hate-my-self"ness.

Bullshit, motherfcukers.

So yeah, maybe there are girls like that, and if you want to try to make them feel better about themselves, go right on ahead, I'm not going to stop you. But I happen to know that there are a load of girls who, like me, can go from resembling that shivering wreck to a queen of sass who is fabulous and knows it, in approximately .12 seconds.

And then there are the girls who are always queens of sass who are fabulous and know it. NOT ALL OF US ARE THE STEREOTYPICAL INSECURE MESS YOU THINK WE ARE.

If you've ever talked to me on one of my "I am the queen" days, you will definitely notice, because I'll probably inform you that my name is spelt "Jenni" but pronounced "Beyoncé."

Consequently, when I'm in one of those moods, I get really freaking annoyed when I see these guys on Tumblr or Facebook holding up signs saying sh♥t like "you're beautiful to me" etc etc.

F♥ck you. "I'm beautiful to you"? You've never seen me, you absolute fcuktrumpet. F♥ck you, your nonsense and the horse you rode in on.

Like seriously? Do you really think we need that all the time? Find someone who needs it and direct it just at them. Stop treating girls like a charity. And you might want to argue that you do it with good intentions, but if you would take your head out of your ass for five minutes, you might notice that we don't all need your approval all the time. Do you think I make myself look this fabulous for you, because I don't.

I appreciate that you're trying to do something not-shitty, but if you continue this ignorant bullshit, I’m afraid I’ll be forced to tear your lungs out through your nostrils and give them as balloons to some other person who needs some sacs of hot air in their life. If you really want to do something good for a girl's self esteem, find one who needs something done for her self esteem, and make her feel good about herself. When I used to see things like that, I used to take one look at them and think to myself "you've never seen me, so how would you know?" And I'm willing to bet that an awful lot of girls think something along those lines too.

Girls are not a f♥cking charity. Don't treat them like one.


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