Found (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

Haley park has never felt more alone since her father died two months before. She is constantly aching for someone that would understand her. But what she doesn't know is her father's secret- he was a wizard, and he has passed down his magical qualities to her. The truth is revealed, but Haley is determined to find out the mystery of her father's death.

Chapter 1

Alone at Night

Sometimes I feel like I am alone in this world. That there is nobody left that understands me, that knows me, that cares whether I live or die. Sometimes I stand on the balcony that juts out from my room on the top level of my house and stare far out, to the lake and the trees and the seemingly endless grass. I marvel at how still the night is, quiet and somber. Just me, alone.

I used to do the same thing every night, but with my father. We would sit on the soft reclining chairs that are still on my balcony, but I never touch them for fear of bringing back the memories I have locked away inside my head. Ever since he died it feels like I have been in a long-term depression, longing for someone else on this earth to compensate for what he would give me.

I still have my mother, and my older sister Mary. But Mary is my Mum's favorite, and my Mum hates looking at me because everything about me reminds her of Dad- my face, my expression, even my personality are similar to his. Mary is more like my mother, with almost no hints of my father except for the fact that she and I both have his eyes.

But now, as I stand on the balcony staring at nothing, I have never felt more alone.

"Haley!" I hear someone calling from my room. It's probably Bertha the maid.

"Coming!" I call back, and I slip quietly back into my room. Bertha stands at the door, which is wide open, her arms crossed across her wide, fat stomach.

"Young, lady, you know you shouldn't be out on that balcony without permission," she says, wagging her pudgy finger at me. I sigh. "Okay fine, I'll let you off this time. But no more slack next time, young lady, you hear me?" I nod, and she walks away, her rear end wattling behind her as if she were a duck.

Tomorrow, I decide then, I will sneak out of the house. For the first time since my father's funeral, I will step foot outside of this wretched mansioin. For the first time since my father died, I will be free.

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