Poem for EstherRoxie's Contest

Hi! So yeah, this is a poem I'm submitting for EstherRoxie's poetry contest. I guess I joined because I was inspired...I'm not sure aha but anyway! Enjoy :)

Please note that this is very different from my usual writing style, but it kind of just happened. So I'm posting it.

Chapter 1

The Child Inside

Look hard enough,
And there you will find
The small child inside
Going out of her mind.

The world outside
Just passes by,
But the girl can't get out;
They can't hear her cry.

Snow falls in her heart,
As she watches them burn.
She wrings her hands, asking,
"When's it my turn?"

But no one knows,
No one can see,
That the little girl is hidden
In you, and in me.

Look hard enough,
And there you will see
The small child inside,
Who is never quite free.


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