Chapter 1


she is so very beautiful,
with curves that boys run their hands down like a racecar driver
across the smooth span of her skin.
she has a smile that holds the galaxies,
that makes you feel special when bestowed upon you,
if even for that single moment,
and when she talks it's like a melody pouring from her mouth and shooting constellations into your ears,
while i am a mountain range,
ups and downs,
highs and lows,
skin like paper and a smile that remains a mystery to most,
bones jutting out at odd intervals,
right angles with my skin,
shivering letters and constantly jealous.
and i will never be anything beside her.

and it was whilst brushing out my messy hair,
as she effortlessly applied a shade of lipstick which i could never pull off,
that her gaze drifted to where i was standing and trying not to be obvious about staring at her.

and for some reason her perfect eyes filled with tears,
and she walked over and sat beside me as though her feet could not bear to hold her frame a moment longer,
and before i could even ask, she hung her head in her hands and whispered in a stuttering stammer,

"how is it that no matter what i do,
i still am nothing next to you?"


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