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Chapter 1


The Children of Nobody

In this story a group of teenagers ranging from the ages of 15-17 are all part of this same orphanage. They don't know their past. They don't know who they are. They don't know anything. All of their memories from age 7 and below have been blocked for a specific reason. When they were between the ages of 3-7, each and every one of them had their parents drop them off at this specific orphanage that was considered 'special'. This orphanage tested on these people. They wanted to see what they could do to make their test objects unique, different, and extraordinary. They tested flying, manipulation of elements, mentality and the powers within the mind, speed and strength, and more. However, this all came with a price. These experiments left these young children scared of the outside world, confused, and their mind and body dying. In hope to repair the consequences of this, their memories from their childhood were washed away.

Now, what happens when the orphanage burns to pieces because of this supernatural evil that wants to get the teenagers for itself to destroy the Earth? The 6 characters in this story must find out who they are and the power within themselves before deciding which part of the battle they will be on.

The good or the bad.

Struggles will follow; friendships will fail and come out stronger; love may emerge.

In the story, I'm accepting six other writers. 3 of them MUST be boys. For the main characters (the ones in the orphanage that are good) will consist of 3 boys and 3 girls. Then the last writer will be a follower of the evil, writing from his or her perspective. And though the six main characters are good, you can have your character battle between the two sides if you so wish.

Make sure your character is diverse:
1. Different ages
2. Different powers
3.Different personality traits
4. Different appearances

Character Information

Age: (15-17)
Background/Past: (Remember they won't remember this right away)
Power: (Only 1)
Fears: (More than 3)
Any Other Information You Feel Is Important:

If you decide to do the character that's the follower of the darkness, please still fill out that format above, but either above the information or below, label it with FOLLOWER OF THE DARKNESS

Love options will be available, but once characters are chosen I'll message all the writers that are picked and ask them. The writers I choose will be given a week to write unless they tell me a few days before that they need more time. It's not first come first serve so put some detail into your character and remain diverse

Now for my character

Name: Oralee Jae Summers
Nickname: Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: pale skin that’s splattered with light freckles (most of them can be found on her nose or arms), long wispy wavy sandy colored hair, pale green eyes, petite (5’2), average weight but looks thin (102 lbs), small bone structure, has a long scar across her hairline (she styles her hair so it’s unnoticeable unless her hair is in a braid), often wears casual clothing in pastel or cool colors.
Personality: Organized, Resourceful, Instinctive, Flexible, Honest, Sympathetic, Approachable, Self-aware, Humble, Clumsy, Indecisive, Picky, Moody, Impulsive, Anxious, Gullible, and Insecure.
Background/Past: She was born into a large family of English, German, Swiss, and Finnish decent. With three older brothers, an older sister, and a twin sister, Oralee was the smallest one of them all weighing in at 16 inches in length/height and 3.75 lbs. Oralee was age four when her parents dumped her off at Lady Ivanov’s Orphanage. They hoped that when her parents would pick Oralee back up, her newly founded power would make up for her lack of physical strength. While at the orphanage, Oralee quickly adapted to the new home and her experiment was one that every morning after breakfast and every night right before bed, she had to go into this chamber where would be surrounded by high level light rays that had the capabilities of sinking into her brain and DNA levels. Once she successfully showed signs of manipulation of light, they stopped these trials. (She was 7 when she formed the full power of light) On her 9th birthday, when her parents came to get her, she became sick and testing showed her brain after two years could no longer keep up with the new molecular changes in her body at that age. Her parents left disappointed and saddened, for never did a day go past that they didn’t regret their decision. Oralee’s memory was then erased shortly after that.
Power: Manipulation of Light
Fears: Fire, Failure, Large crowds, Pain, Poison, Cats, Losing loved ones, Never finding herself, Darkness, the Unknown (The bold ones would be considered her phobias, the rest are just things that she’d rather not be around or experience),
Any Other Information You Feel Is Important: Oralee has always been one wanting to bond with people, for she can stay away from her negative traits that way and can help others in any way that she’s needed. As a result of this, people’s presence gives her a newly found sense of warmth and safety that she has never really ever felt in her life before. On top of that, Oralee sometimes feels like she is often looked down on because of her physical size and lack of strength that’s there.

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