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Chapter 2


Writers: Myself, mortalinstruments411, The_Elusive_Miss_Appear, dreamergirl, cookiemonster617, Quizmaker2 , and TheSpecter


Name: Oralee Jae Summers
Nickname: Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: pale skin that’s splattered with light freckles (most of them can be found on her nose or arms), long wispy wavy sandy colored hair, pale green eyes, petite (5’2), average weight but looks thin (102 lbs), small bone structure, has a long scar across her hairline (she styles her hair so it’s unnoticeable unless her hair is in a braid), often wears casual clothing in pastel or cool colors.
Personality: Organized, Resourceful, Instinctive, Flexible, Honest, Sympathetic, Approachable, Self-aware, Humble, Clumsy, Indecisive, Picky, Moody, Impulsive, Anxious, Gullible, and Insecure.
Background/Past: She was born into a large family of English, German, Swiss, and Finnish decent. With three older brothers, an older sister, and a twin sister, Oralee was the smallest one of them all weighing in at 16 inches in length/height and 3.75 lbs. Oralee was age four when her parents dumped her off at Lady Ivanov’s Orphanage. They hoped that when her parents would pick Oralee back up, her newly founded power would make up for her lack of physical strength. While at the orphanage, Oralee quickly adapted to the new home and her experiment was one that every morning after breakfast and every night right before bed, she had to go into this chamber where would be surrounded by high level light rays that had the capabilities of sinking into her brain and DNA levels. Once she successfully showed signs of manipulation of light, they stopped these trials. (She was 7 when she formed the full power of light) On her 9th birthday, when her parents came to get her, she became sick and testing showed her brain after two years could no longer keep up with the new molecular changes in her body at that age. Her parents left disappointed and saddened, for never did a day go past that they didn’t regret their decision. Oralee’s memory was then erased shortly after that.
Power: Manipulation of Light
Fears: Fire, Failure, Large crowds, Pain, Poison, Cats, Losing loved ones, Never finding herself, Darkness, the Unknown (The bold ones would be considered her phobias, the rest are just things that she’d rather not be around or experience),
Any Other Information You Feel Is Important: Oralee has always been one wanting to bond with people, for she can stay away from her negative traits that way and can help others in any way that she’s needed. As a result of this, people’s presence gives her a newly found sense of warmth and safety that she has never really ever felt in her life before. On top of that, Oralee sometimes feels like she is often looked down on because of her physical size and lack of strength that’s there.

Name: Wesley Ferdinand
Nickname: Wes
Gender: Male
Age: (15-17) 16
Appearance: short dark hair, ice blue piercing eyes, tall, skinny, pale (from lack of natural sunlight), toned, about 5'6, extremely handsome, ways has a cool expression until scared or endangered, soft pink lips, but sharp chiseled features
Personality: Around The Orphanage- cool, indifferent (falsely so), mean, rude, and very spacey. With His Friends- loyal, funny, nice, daring, brave, caring, cunning, and helpful
Background/Past: (Remember they won't remember this right away) Both of his parents were killed during a raid of his town (he was 7 years old) a long with several other people, everyone treated him horribly afterwards (spit at him, kick him, etc) so he ran away and was about to die- he was very thin and starving, when the orphanage people found him picking through a trashcan and took him to the orphanage
Power: (Only 1) can move things with his mind no matter how large
Fears: (More than 3) he's scared of burglars, fire, and adults
Any Other Information You Feel Is Important: Wes doesn't talk much around the other kids st the orphanage in the beginning so nobody knows much about him, secretly he cries a lot because he has flashbacks of when he was watching his parents be killed in front of him, and he was alone for a good portion of his life so he is very independent and will literally eat anything you give him

Name: Emily Camille Markowitz
Nickname: Em'
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Fair skin with a slight tan, forest green eyes, freckles splattered over her nose and a portion of her cheeks, extremely curly, out of control dark chocolate brown hair, tall for her age (5''6)
Personality: Bubbly, bouncy, outgoing, immature, can be naïve, persistent, empathetic, laidback, generally well-meaning and friendly, loyal, tends to be a loud-mouth, unsophisticated
Background/Past: Emily was born into a quiet and prudent family, that generally avoided interacting with others, and kept to themselves. The sophisticated and mannerly ways of the Markowitz bored adventurous Emily, and was often called upon for her destructive and mischievous actions even from the age of two. At the age of six, her parents shipped Emily off to Lady Ivanov’s Orphanage, claiming that Emily had some sort of mental disorder to the questioning neighbors.In reality, Lady Ivanov’s Orphanage was a group of scientists conducting an illegal experiment, and offered the Markowitz money to use Emily to experiment on. Glad to be rid of her, Emily's parents quickly agreed and sent her off. There, the scientists conducted their tests upon the six surprisingly short process, and just weeks before Emily seventh birthday, completed the task, and Emily's parents were asked to bring her back. The Markowitz had no idea that they would have to bring her back, and reluctantly returned Emily from the facility, before asking to have her memory erased in fear that she would run her mouth to the authorities or a suspecting neighbor.
Power: Emily has the ability to take on the properties of any material she touches
Fears: Loud and sudden noises, most insects, Isolation, Being trapped in small spaces, Silence, masks, clowns.

Name: Daniel Wood
Nickname: Danny
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Long dark brown (almost black) hair that he keeps in a braid, His right eye is deep blue and his left is chocolate brown, he stands 5 foot 11, he has an athletic but slim body, has slightly tanned skin
Personality: Usually Silent, Has a look on his face like he knows something you don't know, When he talks his voice commands the attention of the room, Intelligent, Crafty, Protective, Impatient, Can be a bit entitled at times but is far from being spoiled, gets a cold "I'm going to hurt you if you don't shut up" look in his eyes when he is really angry, Is generally kind although not very interactive
Background/Past: His father, Alder, was the child of a Prince in some foreign country. Before his father (Daniel's grandfather) took the thrown, he ran away. He met a woman in America, and the birds and the bees.....along came Daniel. So Daniel lived with his Father and Mother in America, while his grandfather searched for Alder (Daniel's father). One day they almost got caught. Alder knew that if they were caught, they would drag him and his son back to their country, whilst his wife and the mother of his child would be left alone. He knew they needed to move, but he couldn't risk it with Daniel. Then they heard about this special orphanage. They dropped Daniel off when he was 3, and promised to be back in a year or two. A day later they were caught, and both of them were dragged back to Alder's country, they weren't allowed to ever come back. Daniel was subjected to test dealing with mental and emotional barriers. They had only planned on giving him the ability to block powers, but it worked better than they thought. By the age of seven he could successfully use any power used on him, against the caster. One day two weeks after his seventh birthday he saw his father on TV. He had a breakdown, and they erased his memory from before he was seven.
Power: Able to reverse powers used against him (He cannot always use these powers, only when they're being used on him)
Fears: Bees, Killing someone, Becoming attached
Any Other Information You Feel Is Important: He HATES When people touch his hair. He was raised in the view that that is a romantic gesture, and it pisses him off when people do it.

Name: Elain Bui
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Asian, waist length straight black hair. Fair skin. She has almond shaped brown eyes. Loves make up so she wears all of that stuff, but she's good at it so it looks nice on her. She is 5'3 and normal weight. She's a very stylish person and considers appearance a top priority.
Personality: Oblivious, short tempered, hates lazy people. She is a very determined person and loves hanging out
Past: when she was first born into the hospital, she was a dying baby. Her family felt like they let her down because she was so sick, so at the age of three, they gave up and put her in an orphanage. There, her new guardians started to inject her with snake DNA. She had to test herself by being locked in a room with venomous snakes and being told to defeat them. When she was six, her family took her back, but she was sicker than ever. The DNA was taking over her body and she would be writhing in pain all day. They sent her back and that's when he memory was wiped. She has both parents and older twin brothers named Charlie and James.
Power: Half snake, so snake like abilities.
Fears: Dying, physical pain, falling, sharp things, drowning, being yelled at or blamed.

Name: Jack Spades
Nickname: Ace
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: around six foot, thin and wiry, shaggy black hair, grey eyes.
Personality; Always carries a deck of cards in his pocket and feels strange without one, though he doesn't know why. He rarely speaks and feels weird being around other people. He almost seems obsessed with cards, always playing card tricks or just looking through a deck of cards
Background/Past: He was born in Wales, to a seventeen year old girl named Charlotte Free. She died during childbirth and her boyfriend, eighteen year old Brent Spades, tried his best to look after the baby, for he'd promised Charlotte that he would, but had been thrown out of his parents house and was too poor to do it properly. He sat on the streets each day with his son for six months, playing card tricks for money, with an old and battered deck of cards he'd had since he was eight years old. However, one day, Jack became ill and Brent didn't know what to do. He eventually decided to take his son to an orphanage. He left Jack on the orphanage step with a note that he'd written on the back of a piece of cardboard that he'd found on the streets. He'd written Jack's name "Jack Spades", then tucked the one of the cards from his old battered deck, into Jack's small hand. The card was the ace of spades. Brent left then and was never seen again. When Jack turned four, the people at the orphanage tried to get Jack to be able to move things with his mind, but Jack couldn't do it. They sat him in a room and told him that he wouldn't be able to get out unless he moved the tennis ball sitting in front of him. Jack wouldn't even look at the tennis ball; he just sat there silently, looking at the playing card his father had left with him. In the end, the desperate orphanage staff gave Jack a deck of cards as that was the only thing he seemed interested in. Jack took the deck and began to look through them. Suddenly, his small hand dropped the cards by accident and they began to fall to the floor. Within an instant, the cards froze in mid air and Jack picked them up out of the air. The orphanage staff found out that Jack couldn't manipulate any ordinary objects, but he could do just about anything with cards.
Power: Manipulation and strange connection to decks of playing cards.
Fear: Being parted from his playing cards.
Other info: Everyone just calls Jack "Ace" because he came to the orphanage with the ace of spades card. Most people feel uncomfortable speaking to him as he doesn't talk much and is always holding or playing with a deck of cards.

Follower of the Darkness

Name: William Jack Shannon
Nickname: Will
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Average height (5' 11") athletic build, weighs around 150 lbs, slim, muscled but not too much so. Has obsidian-black hair that he keeps short (like mine look at my profile pic) and dark eyes, medium tanned skin (not light, but not dark). Always wears the same clothes; Dark, urban-camo pattern cargo pants, plain black shirt, black jacket, black leather gloves, black hat (worn backwards) scars on arms, chest and face, but keeps mostly concealed.
Personality: Quiet, but will stand up for himself and his friends, very protective of his friends, determined and can come across as cold. Despite this, he is kind-hearted to those in need. He will always stand up for those who cannot defend themselves, as he has been taught.
Background: Grew up in clan of warriors living mostly in the desert. Was taught to fight as soon as he could. Does not believe in suffering; he will not kill an enemy, etc slowly. He grew up learning to speak only when spoken to, but he will break silence if something needs to be said. Is very patient with anyone but those who prey on the weak, pick fights, try to take over, etc. When he was 6, he was abducted by a family while passing through a city. The family did not believe in the way of life he had been taught and was left at the orphanage to 'lead a better life'. Will is also classified as 'sociopathic' meaning he is bordering on extreme anti-social, so when in a group, he is quiet and reserved, but not absent-minded or distant. He was never taught any form of love, so he has no real sense of affection, comfort or love.
Power: block out pain for a limited time (up to 3 minutes) but when the tolerance wears off the pain is twice as intense
Fears: Death of friends/ people close to him, greatly fears the unknown, terrified being strapped down/ restrained, claustrophobic, fear of water (cannot swim, so fear of bodies of water, not like a bottle of water or something)

Alright so here are your characters! The authors of these characters please message me and let me know if you have any ideas to expand on my idea and if you want your character to be able to have a love interest or not. Thank you for everyone who signed up, this story will be starting soon

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