Loving you

This my first story that I'm writing by myself and I hope you like it

Chapter 1


'He cheated' the words echoed in my head like broken record that kept playing the same words over and over. I let out a shaky breath as I curled up in tight ball my eyes spilling over with an endless stream of tears. I couldn't grasp the fact that he would do something like that 'he loves me' he tells me everyday that he loves me.
Then a thought came in my head like a light bulb was suddenly turned on 'you dummy what if he was lying to you' the thought caused a sob to rip through my chest. It all started to make sense the long gaps in between our messages when he was at "work" the explained disappearance during the night it all fit together perfectly.
I heard the front door slammed shut and echoed through the silent house I made no attempt to dry my face that was stained with makeup and tears.
"Bia where are you,Cupcake" his sweet and deep voice filled the house make my heart beat faster in my chest his footsteps hurried up the steps lead him to our shared room the door that was closed opened quietly as he enter as soon he walked in the room he saw me laying on the floor looking like a mess. His expression quickly change to a guilty and sorrowful look, knowing what was wrong with me I opened my mouth and sobbed out three words
"How could you"
Okay guys that was a bit of chapter one if you want more comment


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