Don't Let Yourself Fall

Willa has always been invisible to the "in" crowd. Mostly because she kept to herself and didn't try to make too many friends. Her life changes when Blake gets back to town. They have always been best friends even though he was one of the jocks and the most popular kid at school. Now he is back to attend their high school, and he took it upon himself to give his childhood best friend a complete make over and make her high school days worth remembering.

Chapter 1

It's Just Me, Willa.

"Just another miserable day," I thought to myself as I shut my school locker.
It was only minutes after the last bell and the hallways were still swarming with people. Some waiting for their friends, some rushing to their lockers, and then there were ones like me, who couldn't wait to get out of this place. I walked out of my high school, careful not to bump into anyone and attract any more attention than necessary.
As I exited though the great double doors of the building I looked around, my eyes squinting at the sun. It was March, the days were just starting to get warmer after the winter cold. It didn't take long for my eyes to adjust to the sun and for me to find Hayley and Alice, the two people who never failed to make my day better.
I smiled thinking of just how different each of us was. Even though some of the differences wouldn't be seen by most people at first.
Alice is the tallest of the group, and probably the most fit. She belongs in the athletics program and does everything from cheerleading to baseball. We call her our "social butterfly" because no matter what she does she is friends with everyone, and everyone is friends with her. Not many people so far have decided to get on her bad side.
Hayley is blonde, just like Alice, but is much shorter than her. That's not the only difference, because unlike Alice she has a really short temper and even though she doesn't seem like it she won't take cr-ap from anyone. She has always been into photography and film making. Though a bit shy at first Hayley is an amazing person to have around because she always stuck with my through whatever.

Then, there is me.

I am the shortest of the group and unlike my two best friends I'm not blonde. My hair is brown with a tinge of red. Even though right now it isn't its natural colour but a light blonde. My eyes are green and my frame has always been thin and small. The girls constantly joke about the wind just blowing me away during a storm.
"Will!" Alice's voice broke me out of my thoughts and I realised I have been staring at them and smiling like a lunatic.
"Hurry up will you!" She yelled causing some people to turn around and look for the 'Will' she is going on about.
Yup, that's me, Willa Anderson, though the girls calling me Will is completely normal by now.
I rushed to the car, not wanting to have one of them yell at me across the courtyard again.
"What took you so long?" Hayley asked when I finally got to them.
"Ah, you know Pixie, just marveling at yet another shitty day of my life." I said with a laugh.
We call Hayley P9ixie, not because she was the smallest of the group. Oh no, that was my job. It was mainly because a couple of years back she had been rocking the pixie-cut.

"You know Will, I overheard-"
"Meaning you were eavesdropping again?" Hayley giggled.
I gave Alice a look she knew way too well by now.
"Okay, maybe a bit. Point is, I overheard Ryan and Conner saying something about Blake coming back. Do you know anything about it?"
"You mean, have I heard from the guy you've had a crush on for the longest time in the history of schooling?" I asked her wiggling my eyebrows. Honestly, I could still remember the days when Alice would get that dreamy look on her face whenever he was in the room.
"I do not have a crush on him anymore Will," she protested. "Though I got to admit that he gets hotter every year. What I mean, is have you heard from your other best friend?" Both her and Hayley looked at me with great curiosity.

"Girls, we spend a lot of time together. I think that if he contacted me at all in the last couple of months you two would know about it." I paused to think about my best friend, "I hope that we're at least still close enough for him to call if he really is coming back."
"You guys were always so close it'd be a real shame to let that change." Hayley admitted with a frown.
"I'm kind of worried that it already has changed." I told the two.
"Well, if that really is the case then you'll always have us here with you Will."
"Aw, I love you girls."
"We love you too." They said both hugging me.
"Okay, now let go of me before I start to cry." We all laughed before getting in the car.

The whole ride home the girls were trying their best to cheer me up with stupid jokes and the everyday school gossip. I hated to see their attempts go avail so I faked a smile, which was something I have learned to do so well. I'm sure they could see straight through it but didn't ask knowing that I wouldn't want to talk about it anyway.
As the girls went on chattering about who dated, who hated, and who was doing it. I just sat back and thought about my first best friend.
When we got to my street they dropped me off two houses away. Mostly because Alice was in a rush, but also because I claimed that it would be the only exercise I got today anyway.

[Thanks to my best friend's enormous support I have finally got this story started. Please comment whether or not you think I should continue. Thank you lovelies xx.]


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