Diary of An Outlaw [Finished]

Diary of An Outlaw [Finished]

The diary of Laura of Locksley, telling of how she joined Robin Hood's gang of noble outlaws.

Sheriff Vaisey has been terrorizing Nottinghamshire for too long. Someone has to do something about it. Will you tolerate this? I for one will not!

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Chapter 1

September 30, In the Year of Our Lord 1192

From the moment I laid eyes on him, I was in love with Robin of Locksley. We had been children together in Locksley, and though he was a noble and I a peasant we were great friends.

When he returned from the crusades with his faithful companion Much, I couldn't believe it. Finally the citizens of Locksley would be out from under the overbearing thumb of Sir Guy of Gisborne. But then Robin became an outlaw.

Honestly, I wasn't shocked. Robin had always spoken his mind. When he saw unfairness, you could bet he would oppose it. I guess I was praying that when Robin returned, all would return to normal; that things would get better. And in a way I suppose they did.

Or course the sheriff was on a war path to find and kill this "hero of the peasants" but all the same life improved. Thanks to Robin the people had more too eat than we had had in years. The tax collectors went away satisfied but we never had to fear because we knew Robin would be there for us. Just as he had protected me from bullies when we were children, he protected all of England from the bullies of Prince John and the sheriff.

I just hope one day I can repay him.

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