What BBC's Robin Hood Taught Us

What BBC's Robin Hood Taught Us

This is what this show and it's characters have taught me

Chapter 1

What Robin Hood Taught Us

Count Friedrich taught us that you can't judge a book by its cover

Archer taught us to do the right thing even if it's hard

Roy taught us to hate the sheriff

Will taught us that love is powerful

Djaq taught us that girls can do anything

Tuck taught us to put others first

Kate taught us to be persistent

Allen taught us that friendship is better than money

Little John taught us to keep our family close

Much taught us the value of a good meal

Prince John taught us greed leads to misery

Isabella taught us what happens if we hold a grudge

Vaisey taught us to out-think our enemies

Guy taught us the meaning of repentance

Marian taught us not to taunt a man with a sword

Robin taught us that as long as you put others before yourself, any day is a good day to die

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