Poem For Esther Roxie's Contest!

This is poem for a contest so rate and comment!

Chapter 1

God, Where Are You?

God where are you?
We need you,
Come here
we need you.
This needy world
which is sleeping
needs a great person
who can wake them.
God This world needs you!

I need you,
You have to help me
Everyone needs you
and your goodness.
God we need you,
We love you.

We need you
to save the greenry of your enviroment
and the greenry of great lives.
God we need you,
I need you.

God, Come and help us
So, we can change
this world.
If not everyone
just help me
I want to be like you
Come and help me.
God, we need you
I need you.

Sometimes when you not reply
to my questions
I feel that you are not anywhere
So, Come and prove that you
and your goodness are here.
God, we need you,
I need you.

If you will not come
then we will be dumb
and no one can help us
Please come and help us.
God, we need you
I need you.

Whenever I see badness and cruelity in everyone
Then I feel
You haven't made us
I have an dout that are we your son?
I believe in you,
So prove that you are.
God, where are you?
We need you,
I need You.

~By Oliver


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