The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits is an original group story, it revolves around the life of Pixie Adams, a talented yet undiscovered 16 year old girl, and her newly discovered friends Levi Jones, Cheria Blackwood, Jason Omagh, Bethany Tigers, and Alex Drew . They are all different than other people, misfits as you might call them, misfits who will eventually blossom into something thought as impossible from their own peers. Read on and discover their dramatic story.

Chapter 1

She's more than just a misfit ~ Pixie Adams

by: Grunge
Pixie Adams, it's a name you don't hear often, it's never thrown around in any particular way, it's like nobody knows who Pixie Adams is, nobody talks about her, nobody thinks about her, nobody does anything Pixie Adams related. She's like a curse; if you look at her then you die, if you talk to her then you die, if you think about her then you die, it's really silly, but it's really true. My name is Pixie Adams and I am a misfit. Nobody ever talks to me, nobody gives me the time a day, it's like people automatically write my name in the "Don't even acknowledge this person's existense" list the very first time they see me. It's quite annoying, actually more like depressing, it's hard knowing that nobody wants to be friends with you, let alone talk to you. The thing is, nobody has ever even tried to get to know me, I could be the most amazing person on earth and they wouldn't know it. It's really frustrating, but I've found a way I can manipulate myself into surviving in the sort of wallflower-ville I seem to be living in, it's called music.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved music, I would sing everywhere I went and nobody could ever stop me, I just wouldn't stop singing. Now I'm sixteen years old and they still haven't stopped me, it was a good thing that they didn't, it turns out that I have a beautiful voice, "angelic" as my mom says, it's the polar opposite of me though because I'm far from angelic, I'm demonic. It cracks me up, the she-devil with an angels voice, like she ripped out the vocal chords of some random angel or something, yup that seems like me. Anyway, so eventually along the line of my life I picked up the guitar as well, to be exact I started playing when I was eleven years old, I learned it extremley quickly, within a year I could play the lead guitar parts of some of the hardest riffs ever made, and now, almost five years later, I'm even better. It's fun to be good at stuff, but it would be much more fun if someone else knew what a cool person I was other than just my mom, not that my mom wasn't good enough for me, she's more than good enough. My mom is probably my favorite person in this entire world, even though she doesn't have anyone to compete with, she still trumps all. My mom has been by my side my whole life, lifting me to the stars when I was down in a hole (Yup, Alice in Chains reference), telling me I was more than what others saw me as when I felt as if I ment nothing to the world, staying with me through thick and thin when living on felt impossible, she was there through everything. To me, she deserves some sort of world wide award for being the best mom ever, just because she's the only friend I've got and she's an amazing one.

I jumped out of my soul when the bell rang, I'd totally forgotten that I was in school, it scared the crap out of me. I quickly gathered up my stuff and shoved it in my ragged back pack that I then slung over my shoulder lazily. I supressed a yawn, it was 10:30 am, that time of day when I'd rather be sleeping. I toss my dark mahogany hair over my shoulder and scuff out of the classroom in my old converse all stars. Next class was math, I despised math, my mom forced me to go in advanced math, she said I was too good at it to just go in normal math, I went along with it in the end. It turns out that I'm one of the top students too, just one more thing I'll add to my long list of things people will never know about me. I slide into me seat, at the back, by nobody because nobody wanted to sit by me. I laid my math book on the desk and tapped my pencil on the smooth wood surface, then waited for class to end.

An hour later I was walking down the empty hallway to where I ate at lunch time, I ate alone (of course) outside where it was peaceful and quiet, it was nice outside, always sunny and warm, it made me feel better, and since it had just turned summer a few days ago the sun's been even warmer. I sat myself down on the grass by the flowers, pulled my headphones on, and turned on my music. The first song that played was Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park (which happens to be my current favorite band, hence all their t-shirts I've been wearing), I scoff and think about me actually belonging somewhere, with actual people who actually like me. I rolled my eyes at myself. Like that'll ever happen, I thought negatively. I was always negative, that and sarcastic, blunt, witty, a "tad" sadistic, and impulsive. Those were a few of my main attributes, that's why I'm called a little she-devil, it's because I resemble one. Don't worry, I can be sweet though, but only when I feel like it. I pull out a sandwich from my back pack, I take a bite, it tastes like a sandwich, how interesting. I sigh, bored with my misfit life, being an outsider, everything really. Then I notice something by my side, right next to me. A pair of legs scootch their way next to mine. I pull my headphones down to my neck, then I look up to see who's legs they were, my face shows nothing less than utter confusion as I look up and see the face of Jason Omahg. What the hell, I thought, clearly stunned. Then he spoke.

"Hey there, you're that girl in my math class, aren't you?"

Whoa, buddy, wait a sec, you noticed me!? My mind was boggling.

"...uh, yeah," I said, it felt weird to talk to someone else, really weird. "Um...I'm Pixie if you didn't know, which you probably didn't, Pixie Adams."

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