The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits is an original group story, it revolves around the life of Pixie Adams, a talented yet undiscovered 16 year old girl, and her newly discovered friends Levi Jones, Cheria Blackwood, Jason Omagh, Bethany Tigers, and Alex Drew . They are all different than other people, misfits as you might call them, misfits who will eventually blossom into something thought as impossible from their own peers. Read on and discover their dramatic story.

Chapter 37

Jason Omagh

Alex slammed his drumsticks into the crash cymbal so hard I could almost feel the sound waves run through my body, the mic felt hot in my hands as I moved for better balance. I could hear Levi and Bethany hitting the notes with as intense as Erica's makeup. Pixie switched her mic and pranced to mine, our cheekbones brushed as we sung the last few verses,

" How many times can you put me down? "

" Everything that I say and do "

" Feeling alone in a faceless crowd "

Bethany jumped in, chorusing Pixie and I as well as keeping the bass alive., " We all get a little bit... We all get a little bit, weird sometimes... "

" So you don't stand out. But, at the same time, you don't fit in "

" No one can hear though you're screaming so loud "

" Feeling alone... in a faceless crowd.. " Alex nailed the closing beats on the snare and bass drum while Levi mixed a pop and rock feel into the music, Alex finished with a cymbal crash. The entire room was quiet.

We had made it through practice.

Yet I knew something was missing. Of course it was Cheria, I can't believe she could do this to us! Leaving just like that, it was almost cowardly. In my mind I ran through all the moments I had been with her searching for any sign of depression or distance from the others. Still I managed a smile turning to the others,

" That's sweet guys. Alex maybe leave a bit off the bass drum and focus a bit more on the snare's tempo. Levi, loved the piano-pop rock style you brought in there. Bethany, that was some beautiful chorus you had there. Pixie, nice moves coming over maybe we could come up with something during our rest while the others keep going, a dance or something. " Absent-mindedly I continued, " Cheria..." Stopping myself before I got too far.

Levi had a distant look in his eyes before adjusting his chair and staring down at keys he began toying with. A few strands of black hair fell in front of Bethany's eye's as she dipped her head to pick at her guitar strings.

I sighed silently cursing myself, " We'll find her. We've got two weeks before the show, and we are performing with or without her...She'll come back, I'm sure of it. "


1 week, 4 days, and 6 practices later.

My Chemistry homework starred up at me venomously from the desk in front, equations filled with periodic table calculations and significant figures angrily snapping their teeth at my mind. I rubbed my temples trying to keep up with the starring contest, eventually giving in and slamming the book shut. Proceeding to throw it across my bedroom.


It hit the wall, sliding to floor behind my soccer bag, joining the other books in a make shift pile.

Cheria still hadn't turned up. Her foster family hadn't set up "Lost" posters or even gone to the police about a missing 17 year old girl that could end up face-down in a ditch by the side of the road. Or worse, truckers these days are the most suspicious people on the planet. Levi looked like he was having a panic attack half the time while he attempted to pull off a chilled face. At our practices his fingers would always slip off the keys, then we would have to repeat the whole song.

Randomly Cheria would enter my mind in some horrific crime scene autopsy and she would come back in a body bag, causing me to falter singing. I think the same thing was happening to Pixie, since Cheria left her voice had gotten rough around the octaves.

Even Bethany was having trouble, and she didn't really know Cheria that well, occasionally her fingers brushed the wrong strings sending a stream of burnt out sound across the room. My little brother would scream for us to stop from one side of the house. It seemed like Alex was the only one not affected by it, not as much as the rest of us at least.

The show was in two days.

And I don't think we can make it.

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