The Dark Fate

This is a short story. I hope you like this story.

Chapter 1

Dark Fate

By: Jade H. Rose
I shall tell you of a story about a young girl who ventures into a house of secrets. I shall not reveal who I am till the very end. I shall tell it from the girls perspective. 

I saw the entrance and dared myself to go in. I was at first scared, but then I mustered up my courage and ventured into the mysterious place. I walked quickly, but caustiously to avoid making any noise. I found myself in the middle of a narrow hallway. I glanced nervously on either side. I suddenly heard footsteps. 

I quickened my pace as I went deeper in, searching for the way out. I wondered if coming here was such a good idea. I then risked a glance behind me and saw two beady red eyes with slitted pupils, just like those of a cat or snake. Whatever little bravery I had  was surely enough gone. Fear takes over my body. I was under a total state of panic. 

My mind was spinning as I bolted towards a tall staircase. I sprinted up the steps and to the balcony. I was on the balcony and I backed away slowly from the door as the creature came out of hiding. It had shaggy black fur and sharp claws and fangs. It had pointed cat like ears. It had cat like whiskers and even a tail. My eyes widened in fear and my lips parted letting out a horrified scream. "A werecat!" I gasped as the creature barreled toward me. 

I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my fists. I braced myself and waited for the pain. I felt teeth sink into my flesh and felt pain shoot through my leg. The beast had slash my leg open and blood was everywhere. My vision clouded and the last thing I saw is my blood pooling around me. No one ever saw me again. Though some say my spirit haunts this house. 
Now that we reached the end I shall tell you who I am. I am Jade H. Rose, ghost of Shadows Arc. The end... or is it?


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