Destination Cancelled

The setting of this story takes place in an airport in a bustling city along with a plane, while the main character, Aurora, is heading off to Japan for her newly transferred job. However, with flights, comes complications, and in this case, the complication is a matter of life or death.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A woman with long auburn hair stood in the middle of the metro airport.Thousands of people around her were pushing and shoving, trying to reach to their designated gates in order to board the plane. Yet there the young woman stood, in a way that compared to the others rushing past her, she seemed motionless. Her glazed grey eyes that were trimmed with tears just stared blankly at the screen which read all the flights times. She didn't want to leave, but it was her job, her duty, her life. With heaving one long, jagged breath, the woman strode to the west because Gate 9 was over in that direction. With each step, her anxiety grew, and if she was in a better mood, the woman could of easily confused her anxiety with anticipation for where her job this time was taking her. But since she wanted to cry, not wanting to leave this city today, the woman knew it couldn't be excitement. She had so much to live for here, and like typical, like in every place, once she starts getting used to a new place and actually meets people that become her friends or in this case, lover, her job sweeps her away to a different city, different state, and sometimes a different country. Once the woman reached her needed gate, she peered around at the others there, her auburn hair whipping back behind her ears as she let her own thoughts consume her from the inside out. Sighing, as her mind slowly started to exhaust her, the woman sat down, closing her grey eyes, letting the noises of the airport sing in and out of her ears.

"Flight 734, Flight 734 for Japan, please start boarding your plane now." A voice over the speaker spoke.

The woman shot her eyes opened and scowled, mumbling to herself, "Already? I just sat down though."

But really, the woman actually listened to those noises for two hours, as she sat there, trying to calm the bundle of nerves she was feeling inside her body. Looking at the time on her cellphone one more time, the woman stood up, throwing her long auburn hair into a messy bun, strolling over to where she would have to give the flight attendant her boarding pass. Each step she took, her breathing would increase though, her thoughts would continue to race, while her mind began to repeat to itself like a broken record player,

"Just turn the other way Aurora. You are Aurora Kayleah Lynton. You don't need to be bossed around."

However, her legs kept going towards the entrance to the gate and away from the door to leave the airport. They didn't listen to the words she said, because deep down, Aurora knew she needed this job. It was the only job she loved despite of the continuous moves around the globe. It was the only career she knew how to make an income in.

"AURORA" A voice screamed from behind the woman.

The auburn hair lady spun around without a second thought, her grey eyes blinking wildly as a puzzled expression crossed her face when a man in his mid 20s jogged up to her, crushing her into a hug. Her fragile arms squeezed the man back before she inquired, her voice thick with confusion,

"Cade what are you doing here?"

The man spoke quickly, his hand running through his thick wavy gelled back dark brown hair, while his amber eyes flickered to his lover's face frantically, "I needed to see you before you went Aurora."

Aurora smiled and stepped forward, gently placing a hand on her boyfriend's cheek, "I wish I could stay Cade."

He positioned his rough hand on top of hers, their fingers intertwining perfectly, "I wish you could stay to." He replied before kissing the top of the auburn's head, "I love you Aurora."

Tears threatened to fall from her grey eyes as she clung to the man as if her life was on the line, "I love you too Cade. I love you so much. I-"

She stopped as the voice from the speakers interrupted her sentence and good bye, "Last chance to board Flight 734. I repeat, last chance. Passengers make your way to the gate."

"I... good bye Cade." Aurora whispered, stepping back, a tear slipping down from her left eye. Cade nodded, his heart aching, but not breaking as he stepped back himself, "Call me when you get to Japan. No matter the time. I'll always want to hear your voice."

Aurora smiled and turned her back, calling over her shoulder, "I love you Cade."

And after those three words and her name, the man watched the best person in his life, walk over to the flight attendant, handing forward her boarding pass before disappearing outside. Cade started to leave the airport in sorrow, while Aurora boarded the plane only to find her first class seat next to the window. Another tear streaming down her face, while a hot first tear rained down Cade's face. But just before everyone on the plane began to buckle because of instructions, the two lovers whispered,

"This won't be the last time we see each other."

Or would it?

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