Autumn Summer Winter and April (Open for sign up!)

Autumn Summer Winter and April (Open for sign up!)

These four girls have such a bond, they control the weather in the seasons.
April controls the spring and makes sure the flowers start to bloom.
Summer controls well, summer and makes sure it is warm
Autumn controls fall, and makes sure the leaves turn beautiful colors
And Winter controls winter and makes sure it is cold or freezing!
When these girls get into a fight, how will that affect the seasons?

Chapter 1

Need people for this story! WgREHERHRHEFEgGEGE

I need people for the story! Here:

Autumn - (Me)
Red hair, orange leaf in hair, orange sweater, long brown socks connected to yellow sneakers

Summer - (Not Taken)
Blonde hair with a pink flower on it, and blue eyes, light blue dress and green sandals

April - (Taken By: Awesome_Warrior_Cat)
Brown hair with a little pink in it, a pink t-shirt and blue shorts, with blue sneakers

Winter - (Taken By: 1Ds_Diana)
White hair, grey eyes, silver coat with a grey shirt underneath, white pants and grey sneakers

Please pick one :D


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