There will probably be more coming- I always forget someone in these.

Chapter 1

______________________________ (Lark)
Hi Lark. How's it going? Yes, this isn't weird at all. Anyways, you are really pretty- and I've actually seen you so you may not argue with me. You are very sweet and laid back. We are pretty much opposites, which I guess proves the saying "opposites attract". Yet we have similarities. You are very smart, maybe even smarter than me- probably smarter than me. (If you tell anybody I said that though I will deny it). I love talking to you and you are a great writer. You're amazing Lark. (Mikayla)
Ah, the lovely Mikayla who can not take compliments (don't you dare argue with me). You are amazing, creative, helpful, outrageously stubborn, kind, beautiful, and you are a great writer. You're also pretty brave- you haven't ran from me yet and you've heard some of my crazy-psychopath ideas. (Though I am not going to destroy the world- my fireproof idea was good!) You are a giant part of my brainstorming team in my stories- you don't even know. We have the weirdest conversations and yet they are oddly normal too. You're a great dancer too! Go M! Em&M forever! :P (Lila)
And now we go to Lila. Lila, you are more amazing than you even know. First off, you are incredibly mature. Also you are very sweet and a stable, loyal, and dependable friend. You are a great writer, and a very supportive reader. I always look forward to your stories and comments. I also love talking with you, and I am of the opinion it needs to happen more often. Love ya! :) (Adri)
Adri, you will not see this right away- but hopefully you will soon. You are an amazing writer. You have the best ideas and then you have a brilliant execution of those ideas. It still amazes me that you don't have more recognition than you already do. You will be a famous author one day- I know it. You have great taste in music. You are also funny, sweet, a good friend, and the one and only Divergent Duck. Rock on Adri! :) (Tiff)
It's Tiff! (I should be using Tiffalicious, on a random side note- but I can't spell it). You're amazing and I don't know what I would do without you. My first impressions of you: Oh she seems nice, maybe a little weird. Now I know you are completely off your rocker (though you are still nice. :P) We have the best conversations and your love for books is admirable. Okay seriously- if a book ever smells weird you must tell me that story. We are alike in so many ways, yet so completely different. I can't even explain it. You are also unknowingly giving me these story ideas- you may be joining Mikayla as a main part of my behind-the-scenes-help-the-crazy-author-out-group. Go Tiff, go! (Jade)
Jade, get on- I miss you. You are beautiful, sweet, kind, amazing, hilarious, and MIA (seriously- July 27th 2013). I hope you come back on Quibblo, or find a way to contact me. If not, you still have changed me for the better. I love you Jade. (Bree)
Hey Gracious Snake. I don't know if you will even read this, but I hope you do. I get so excited when you come on and I always enjoy our conversations. I am still laughing about your comment on my hair cut. :P You probably hear this enough, but you are an amazing author and I love your style. It's serious, yet light in tone; your characters are lovable and real, and the plots are amazing, unique, and realistic. You have a formal eloquent wording and I love reading your works. Love you, Bree. (Dani)
So I haven't known you very long, but you are awesome. We hit off to a great start, and you find a way to brighten my day. You are so sweet and kind and you are an amazing singer. Seriously, it is one of my favorite voices ever. I love talking to you, and I hope to get to know you better. (Olivia)
This girl is somebody you can totally geek out with or ambush with music. I'm not sure if you exactly knew what you were getting yourself into when you asked me what my favorite songs were- but hey, it worked out! Olivia, you are so understanding and you are somebody I can rant to- you even understand what I mean when I forget how to use English. You are hilarious and a really good writer and I always look forward to seeing your name in my inbox, whether its a message, comment, or invitation. (Roney)
You are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I love talking to you. You are funny, kind, smart, helpful, and talented. This seems kind of short, but I can't find a way to explain how much you mean to me. (Tegan)
It's Tegan- the crazy person! Ah, just kidding- you're great. I always find myself smiling at our conversations and I am so happy I found somebody else who dislikes Marius (everybody else seems to love him- blah). We have so much in common and well your great. :P (Ravin)
This is getting kind of cliché but you are very kind and sweet. You are a great author with amazing ideas and characters. I love talking to you- in fact whenever I see you are on I stalk my inbox for a message from you. You have the funniest reactions and you are very supportive- not just of me but of everyone. You rock Ravin. (Waithley)
I seriously don't understand why this guy doesn't have more friends. He is so nice, mature, and he makes amazing quizzes. Waithley, you are one of my favorite people up here and we should talk more. Please stay on Quibblo, you make it so much better. You are also amazing at writing songs and poems. You're awesome. (Lexi)
As sweet as everybody on Quibblo is, Lexi takes the prize for being the sweetest. I enjoy talking to you and I wish we did it more often. You are so caring and kind. You also are a pretty good writer. Go Lexi! (Cece)
I love our conversations. They range from normal to if anybody read it we would be introduced to the asylum. I find myself nodding a lot when you share your views and I laugh too. You are just that darn hilarious! (Gregor)
I don't really know you that well but I have enjoyed the few conversations we have had. We need to talk more, really. You are an amazing author. You are also a great guy. Your smart, funny, and kind. :) (Claire)
I honestly think I scared you recently, but honestly- it was hilarious. I found myself rereading that conversation today. You are very sweet, smart, and you are my little poet. You're amazing Claire. (Christina)
Ah, Christina. I've been expecting you. Nah, not really. Or have I? Anyways, you are great- fabulous even. You give me confidence with your heartfelt opinions and compliments. You are always funny too! :) (Cara)
You are difficult to get along with and impossible to explain things to. You're immature and melodramatic. However you are a loyal friend, and I had to include you.

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