Guys, Let's Gather Round and have a Little Chat ^-^

because I want a giant group hug and I need to say some stuff.

Chapter 1

Welcome to the party. It's going to be a nice party.

HOLY CRAP GUYS. I have 400 friends.

Now let's put this number in perspective. That number is approximately twice as large as my freshmen class. :O I just, what??!? I keep refreshing my profile page because I can't comprehend.

So, thank you for being amazing and friending me, or accepting my requests, and talking to me and reading my crap stories and my good stories and all my poems and stupid little things like this (but this isn't stupid). Why are you people friends with me? I'm a freak. XD

Well, it wouldn't be a celebration without shout-outs. So here we go!

Christina (ArtemisRocks1400): What is there to say, really? You're my twin. You're one of the people I look forward to talking to most, and I don't know where I'd be without you. You're one of my biggest fans, and I love you for that (and other reasons)! You're super sweet and caring and funny and I basically just love you. You're awesome. Stay that way.

Toffee (RebelHeart): Hiya, Toffee! So I just wanted to tell you that you're really cool. I can talk to you about anything, and I know you'll respond enthusiastically, which is cool, especially because I talk about random crap a lot. Kudos to you. Also, you're an amazing, sweet, caring, funny person and I love you lots. And on another note, I promise you can take me to Luby's soon so I can finally pass my test. I won't forget the butter.

Sara (littletoes32): You're pretty much just the good kind of ridiculous. You make me laugh so much and you support me no matter what, and I just love talking to you. I'll never forget our first conversation which was about you stalking me and also you said I was out of milk. You were scarily accurate. XD

Natalia (NataliaJumexxx): NATALIE SHALANDA. You need to get your butt on here! Well, I guess I see you every day anyway, since, you know, real life friend power, but still! I miss my Nattycakes XD (her last name is not Shalanda, by the way. Long story. No time. Must continue.)

Raven (IHateEverythingAboutYou): We haven't talked in a while, and you haven't really been on a lot lately :( But I love talking to you, and i know we can talk about like anything and it wouldn't matter. You're super nice, and just an all around great person. I hope we talk again soon!

Every Kiss Begins with MiKAY (darkxXxside): Well, MiKAY, don't worry. You're the good kind of ridiculous ^-^ You are so caring and sweet and amazing and super easy to talk to! I love our conversations, and I love that I can count on you for anything! You're also one of my biggest fans, too, and thanks so much for believing in me and commenting the greatest things on my stories and such. Gah, I just love you!

Dani (silentcourage): Dani! Hi! I've only known you for a short while, but it's been the best short while because of you! I love talking to you. You are so sweet, and I know that I can count on you! Thanks for being one of my biggest supporters as well! Actually...thanks for being you. :)

Emily (A_ Small_ Drop): Well, Emily, I've said it before and I'll say it again: sometimes you're so ridiculous and it makes me smile. You're so wrapped up in being you and it's just plain awesome. I enjoy our conversations, even if they get a bit scary at times...yeah. ^-^ You're sweet and caring, and a great friend. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being my friend!

Umm, I'm getting a bit lazy now so I'll just list some other people who I have come to enjoy knowing:
kmbirdie, IBGIANTSFAN, Nothing , SnowAngels, Blackberry6461, BEKKY, ummm I know I'm forgetting people but oh gosh, guys, I'm shaking. This is not normal. It's not a big deal to some people, but for me to know that 400 Quibblo users want to be my friend is amazing and ahhhh I can't comprehend. Wow, okay I'm sorry for the people I'm forgetting, I feel like a horrible human being.

So to wrap things up, thank you thank you thank you! Every single one of you. I love you all, stay awesome.
Claire :)


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