CAN Buy Me Love

"See you later, then..." I said. My crush knows I love him, but now I'm getting PAID to be a JOCK'S bf! Who do I choose? OMG. How'd it all start though?

Chapter 1

He and Me

by: Humema
My name is Zorra. My ex-bfs (18) consider me attractive, but am I for my true love? I like him because he is going to be a father. I have to marry him once I'm out of high school. We both live together. My parents are dead because they sacrificed themselves for me. Anyway, we both got high at a club he brought me to. He has an 18 year old friend who goes to clubs. I got a part-time job there. I'm a twerker there. Yeah, I know. Slutty. But, what can I do? We had s## then we head out...To buy baby clothes. I won't go INTO detail...He and I are just friends and he doesn't remember us having a baby. As soon as I'm out of the hell high school, I'll admit I love him. My baby wont come out until I'm 18. The doctor made sure. I'm 17 right now and I skipped grades. I graduated.
After a day or two of being graduated, I moved in with him. He said he loved me, and I said I love him. We both got married. Apparently, I CAN get married! Then, he wanted to get down with me, but after we did, he received a call. He knew he was getting a baby now, so he divorced me. I don't care! I'm going to be famous!
CHAPTER 3: Ok, I'll be your bf.
"Ok, so what? You don't need to pay me anymore though." I said. I gave my baby to my ex-husband. He took the baby boy. He named the baby Joe. Then, I told my Jock boyfriend (Ed) if we should "Get it down." He said yup. We got drunk, hit it up and got it down, then got abortion. "I'm a slut" Moral of the story: DONT GET IT DOWN! DONT GO TO CLUBS WITH YOUR BF! LOVE IS NOT TRUE!!!


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