My Top 10 Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

My Top 10 Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

It's about time I give my opinions about my favorite characters from my single favorite video game franchise ever: Sonic the Hedgehog! Like it says on the title, this is a countdown of my top 10 favorite Sonic characters from 10 being lowest to 1 being highest.

Chapter 1


10) Silver the Hedgehog
When he was first introduced in Sonic 06, a lot of people were curious about the “third hedgehog” or “that cool looking hedgehog with white fur” and I was no exception. Despite his appearance in what many consider to be the “worst Sonic game ever” (don’t take it from me, I never played it; merely watched it), I would love to see him make more appearances in future 3D games (as a story character), especially after seeing his potential in Sonic Generations--that version of Silver showcased some pretty impressive moves that are powerful but not as annoying as “It’s no use!” (Now why couldn’t we throw a giant ball of trash with Silver in 06?!) Oh, and I also love Silver’s theme song “Dreams of an Absolution”.

9) Miles “Tails” Prower
Tails is one of the first characters I would think of in regards to Sonic game nostalgia (for Sonic Adventure 1 and 2). Tails was amazing in Sonic Adventure 1 (DX); I always loved being able to fly around freely at agile speeds for long distances. I also liked the roles he played in Sonic Adventure 2, again, for nostalgic reasons. While his gameplay wasn’t necessarily too special (since it was the same as Eggman’s), his stages had some pretty nice music (actually, all of the stages in SA2 share the same style and theme as the theme song of the character used). As for Tails’ theme song, I like the Sonic Adventure DX version of “Believe in Myself.” But the most badass I’ve ever seen of Tails was in (SPOILER ALERT!) Sonic Lost World, where he outsmarted the Deadly Six by equipping robotic gear and then waving the laser gun at them Megaman style. Oh Tails, why did you have to remove the robotic gear later in the game?

8) Blaze the Cat
Arguably the best female character in the series, Blaze is one of the only female characters in the series who’s never been a damsel in distress. Her ability to manipulate fire is unique. I also like her straightforward personality. However, sadly, there’s not enough I can say about her since I’ve only seen her in a few games. I hope to see her more often as a playable character in 3D games.

7) E-123 Omega
Another character I would love to see more of--E-102 Gamma’s spiritual incarnation, E-123 Omega! (A fitting name, don’t you think?) Unlike most of Eggman’s robots, Omega seems unbeatable, an assuring killing machine that you can just count on to obliterate all enemies. I especially like some of his lines in Sonic Heroes: “Annihilate!” “Primary target is Eggman! Don’t you forget it!” “Just a reminder...” “Minus gravity detected!” “Activating balance servos!”

6) Espio the Chameleon
The Sonic the Hedgehog series has got a ninja, how about it? Espio can run on walls, turn invisible, and throw shuriken. All that makes him the single most unique character in Sonic Heroes. He also has a cool personality and is the most mature of the Chaotix Detective Agency. I hope to see him as a playable character again in future 3D Sonic games.

5) Knuckles the Echidna
I remember how much I used to idolize Knuckles when I was little; I loved how he was the only character who could punch enemies in Sonic Adventure. Even to this day, he continues to be awesome... except in Sonic Lost World. In many ways, Knuckles just has so many unique qualities in both character, gameplay, and extras. His independence and his gameplay in Sonic Adventure DX and Adventure 2 make him a very distinguished character, as it differs much from Sonic’s typical high speed platforming from point A to point B. Knuckles is the first character to introduce treasure hunting stages, something that is also very nostalgic for me and I would certainly wish to see it again. Also I find that Knuckles is in his own a “master of elements”:
[Earth] He can dig and climb walls
[Wind] He can glide
[Fire] In some games, he can hurl fire from his fists
[Water] He is an expert swimmer
[Lightning] In Sonic Adventure 2 (VS Mode), he has an attack called Thunder Arrow
[Time] In Sonic Adventure 2 (VS Mode), his Power Flash can freeze time
Additionally, I like that his theme songs from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and his Sonic Adventure 2 stages are all rap, another thing that I find unique about him. Those raps are all pretty catchy too and they suit Knuckles pretty well. Lastly, to me, the Sonic the Hedgehog series just wouldn’t feel the same without Knuckles playing a role in the story, so as you can imagine, I was a bit disappointed that he never showed up in Unleashed and Colors. Although he made an appearance in Sonic Lost World, it was insubstantial. Quite honestly, if Sega wanted as little characters in a Sonic game as possible, I believe they should at the very least have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman.

4) Sonic the Hedgehog
The titular hero and what I think is the epitome of what a hero should be like. I always loved how free and optimistic Sonic is--no matter how tough or even impossible something seems, Sonic never ceases to make it through with his trademark smile on his face, something that everyone will always continue to admire him for. Furthermore, his trademark speed and stylish moves always make a critical mission a fun ride--I don’t think I’ve ever seen or experienced platforming quite as free and “WHOOOOOOH!” like Sonic’s (not to mention the amazing soundtracks played). To elaborate further on his carefree and optimistic nature, Sonic just overall seems to have something that many other story protagonists don’t. (1) He’s not one of those protagonists that have “girl problems.” (2) If someone were to tell him that a mission is too dangerous, Sonic would brush it aside and go anyway (and there’s no stopping him). (3) You’ll never see Sonic suffer an emotional dilemma or crisis like many characters from other stories do. For all the reasons above, I will say this: Sonic is without a doubt my favorite hero ever.

3) Dr. Eggman
So my favorite hero is Sonic, and my favorite main villain? Great Clement, why don’t you decide for me? Wait, wait, I know what you’re gonna say. He is...
“I am the Eggman, that’s who I am,
I am the Eggman, with the master plan!”
Doctor Ivo Robotnik a.k.a Eggman--the egg-shaped scientist in red who boasts an IQ of 300 and can easily prove it, for there doesn’t seem to be a single thing Eggman can’t create. Besides the robots we see all the time, Eggman can also construct land-sized vessels, theme parks, aquariums, and Sega knows what else. In fact, I used to admire some of his works such as the Egg Carrier, the Egg Walker, and the Egg Viper to the point where I built lego models resembling his machines when I was six. No matter what his problems and shortcomings may be, Eggman can always make us laugh in one way or another. Furthermore, even if he always loses in the end, he always returns without giving up--something to be admired. The best Eggman has ever been was in Sonic Adventure 2 as a playable character! After playing as the good guys for a long time, who wouldn’t be interested in playing as the villain? And it was so cool playing as Eggman in his Egg Walker--just what you’d expect when playing as Eggman; we control the doctor himself and the machine uses to shoot and blast away multiple enemies in a single blow! Sonic Adventure 2 also gave him one of the best character theme songs ever (“E.G.G.M.A.N.” by Paul Shortino). What else? Oh that’s right! How could I forget? Eggman is “faster than Sonic!” That’s everyone’s favorite gag from seeing Eggman running so fast on more than one occasion, especially in the Chao World Lobby of Sonic Adventure 2. Eggman is also strong enough to be a power character in Sonic Riders. And in the Mario and Sonic Olympic series, we see just how athletic Eggman really is, so how about it? Long live the Eggman Empire!

2) Metal Sonic
Even though Eggman is my favorite villain, I like Metal Sonic a little better for other reasons. I was actually first introduced to Metal Sonic in a game store where I was trying out Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. That time, I already had Sonic Adventure 2 (the original, no “Battle”) so I didn’t know about Metal Sonic at all--never saw him in the original game. After trying Metal Sonic out for the first time, I was very pleased with him. He looked cool (blue and shiny with a jet booster on his back), jumped high, was very smooth, and had a black shield. For that reason, even to this day, I wish I can play as Metal Sonic as much as possible and not just in Sonic Adventure 2’s VS Mode. I wish I can play as Metal Sonic in a 3D game, with all the attributes he has in SA2, and without having to unlock him like in SADX.

1) Shadow the Hedgehog
I’m sure many of you saw this coming. After all, who else could it be? There was just no way I could leave Shadow out of the Top 10, right? He just had to be somewhere on this list, but certainly wasn’t anywhere 10 to 2. I know it’s pretty typical, but yes: Shadow the Hedgehog is my favorite character in the series and is without a doubt my favorite and most ideal antihero ever (just as Sonic is my ideal hero). Shadow is arguably the definition of badass and the title “Ultimate Life Form” suits him pretty well. There doesn’t seem to be anyone Shadow can’t beat (with the exception of Sonic), and even though Shadow is a Speed character, when you think about it, he’s actually Speed, Flight, and Power--all 3 categories. Not only can he run fast, Shadow wears jet shoes, meaning he can essentially levitate. Okay maybe that was a poor example for Flight, but how about Power? In later games, we see that Shadow is a good at hand-to-hand combat. Also, in one Sonic X episode, we see Shadow destroying a large security robot with one punch. While a lot of people believed that Shadow’s character has been downplayed since the end of Sonic Adventure 2, I beg to differ. I like that Shadow made a return in Sonic Heroes. I like that Shadow became an antihero starting from there. I like that he can use guns and vehicles in his own game Shadow the Hedgehog, I think it’s cool--a character that can warp space and time, use various weapons, and potentially nuke everything around him--just the kind that I like. If anything, the only thing “downplayed” about him since SA2 is his voice; I liked his SA2 voice actor best. Another thing I like about Shadow is that despite being an antihero, he is still pure in heart (a rare combo). He is pure in that he is single-minded in achieving his goals, can be trusted to succeed, and would pour all his heart into what he believes is right. Professor Gerald Robotnik, Shadow’s creator, had even stated in his diary that he designed Shadow to be perfect and pure. Even in the final battle theme for Sonic vs Shadow “For True Story”, we can hear a faint “To the pure body, the perfect existence” which is most likely referring to Shadow (although one could argue that it can apply to Sonic as well). There are a few people who find Shadow depressing and a bit overrated, but really, Shadow doesn’t get so down that often. Most of the time, he’s just confused and trying to figure himself out, and only really expresses depression in one of the endings in Shadow the Hedgehog. But that aside, I find Shadow to be a flawless character, a pure and perfect being as meant to be.


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