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Chapter 1

The idea

by: Cam12
The world overpopulated in the future. Instead of making child limits, the government legalized murder and homocide. A scientist in an attempt to give people a chance to live invented some pills. These pills gave people powers. These powers became to be known as occults.

These pills were quickly banned but not fast enough. Children are being born with these powers throughout the world. In an attempt to knock down the population of occults, they invented a program. Children once they reach a certain age must become the best in there state, in there element. If they aren't they best, they are sent away.

I will go through that process even more later. But here is the main plot. You are a child, who was given the pill for one of the seven elements. Water, fire, earth, grass, air, mind, and frame. (Frame is like body structure, so super strength and speed.) these people are then faced with going through the first two stages, the state And country competition.

Here is what I need.

Love interest*:

The star means opitional. If you want to be picked for this story, i highly suggest you put some things in the other colume. I know I left some things confusing and my grammar is bad at the moment. If you have an questions, please ask me.

Name: Cameron Barns
Age: 17
Personality: stubborn, optimistic, caring, quiet.
Charcteristics: quick thinker, gets distracted easy, high endurance, and knows martial art. Kinda strong, quick
Element: Mind
Power: Mirage of self
Love interest:
Other: he always wears sunglasses, and always wears a white undershirt


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