'Tis time for me to share my opinion on abortion.

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Chapter 1


Okay, so the last time I ranted on what I think is a serious issue, I said that there were two rants you should have seen coming. "On LGBT(TTQQIAA)" was one. This is the other.

The abortion issue is one which has been in the news an awful lot lately, for a variety of reasons. Not so much here in Ireland, because we're a "Catholic country" and apparently abortion is "unholy," even though I personally don't ever remember God saying that abortion would send you to hell.

Anyway. Away from the religious side of things.

The two sides of abortion are "pro-life" and "pro-choice," but many people refer to them as "anti-abortion" and "pro-abortion."

If you are one of those people who refers to them as "anti" and "pro" abortion, please remember that your mouth is not the place for your feet.

I am pro-choice. I am not, however, pro-abortion. I don't think people should be running around getting abortions every time they get pregnant, cause that's a stupid f♥cking idea. I do, however, think that women should be completely in control of their body and everything that goes on within it.

One of the arguments I've heard is "But abortion is murdering a baby!"
There are several things wrong with that statement.

First of all; a fetus is not the same thing as a baby. Got it? A fetus is an embryo. It does not breathe. It does not eat. It is completely dependent on the mother for literally everything except for blood.
A baby is a living, birthed creature which is detatched from the support systems of the mother. It functions by itself; it eats by itself, breathes by itself, and it is not a fetus.

Now we move on to the "murdering."
To murder is to intentionally take someone's life with premeditation. In effect, "to kill." There are several things wrong with that; first of all, you can't kill something that was never technically alive. And if you want to argue that it is alive because it has a heartbeat (although it's not functioning on it's own at all), then can we please draw attention to the fact that people kill things all the time? We kill other people in war, in self defence, we kill animals, plants, bacteria; all of these, living things. And yet, no one dares to utter the dreaded "m" word. The so-called "killing" is not the problem; as humans, we do it literally all the time.
But then, we also have the argument; to murder, you must be killing a living human being. While I can agree that yes, a fetus is, in all technicalities, a life, it is not living. Still, you could argue that it is potentially living, that it has the potential to be living. And yes, you're right, it does have the potential for living. But because it's not living yet, it's not murder.
A fetus is not a "person." For it to be a "person," to have personhood, a being needs a fully functional brain. The brain of a fetus will start to develop after the first few weeks, but isn't fully developed until the third trimester, and many scientists and psychologists will argue that although the brain is there, personhood may not be acheived until after birth.

Abortion couldn't possibly be described as murder.

People say that because the fetus is dependent on the mother, the mother should "be a responsible parent."
My body is not the property of a fetus.
Under every human rights act, I am in no way obligated to keep a being alive. If someone was dying and needed a transplant of some organ and I was the only one capable of donating said organ, there is no way that anyone could force me to donate the organ. It's illegal and it goes against the laws of human rights.
My body is not the property of the government, and it is not the property of other people.
I am not an incubator, I am a person. And I am the only one who should have control over my body.

If I got r♥ped tomorrow, and I ended up pregnant, I would do everything in my power to have an abortion.
I've put up this argument before and I've been told that I should just put the kid up for adoption, to "give it a chance at life." They say that I don't have to worry about the baby ruining my life or anything; just put it up for adoption and get on with your life.
Do you have any actual comprehension of how f♥cking stupid you are?

R♥pe is traumatic. It's not something that happens, and then you just get over it. You shouldn't make a woman have to go through that trauma, and then live with it for the next nine months. That is every. Single. Waking. Moment. For nine months. Constantly being reminded of what she had to go through.
Even just thinking of forcing a woman to do that is inhumane.
It's so easy for you to be pro-life when you're not the one who has to do that.

There's a woman called Marlise Munoz who lives in Texas.
She is completely brain-dead.
She can no longer form words.
She can no longer form thoughts.
And I shouldn't even be referring to her as a "her," because Marlise Munoz meets the legal criteria for "dead" in all fifty states of America.
Marlise Munoz has been tethered to machines in Fort Worth hospital for the last seven weeks.
Marlise Munoz is not a person, it is an artificially maintained ecosystem, an incubator for a fetus that has somehow been given precedence over all other concerns.
Her father described her as "a host" in an interview. The parents and husband of Marlise Munoz have to see her as a mannequin, because she was fourteen weeks pregnant when she suffered from a pulmonary embolism.
The chances of the fetus actually developing into anything that could have a chance at life are tiny. Premature birth and quick death are extraordinarily likely; but until that happens, the family of Marlise Munoz are being forced to see her in this state. Her humanity has been taken away from her. If that doesn't disgust you, then I don't know what's wrong with you.
Courts have ordered that she be taken off her "life" support soon, but that doesn't change what's already happened and what will no doubt continue to happen.

Forced pregnancy is cruel.
Forcing someone to maintain a pregnancy is cruel.
Some people say that "if a woman has consensual sex, she's consenting to pregnancy." On what planet do people only have sex to get pregnant? That doesn't happen, no matter how much you may want it to. You can't just throw out phrases like that all the time, because they're not true.

I'm going to remain pro-choice until I see every pro-life person out there adopting a child in need. Don't talk to me about saving the unborn while you're still ignoring children who need help.

Legalising abortion doesn't mean that more people will be having abortions. It means less people will be having back-alley abortions that can cause horrendous complications. If a woman really wants an abortion, she's going to seek it out, whether or not it's legal.

You can be pro-choice and you can never have an abortion, and you can never even think about having an abortion. Being pro-choice means that you believe people should have the right to decide whether they want to continue with or terminate their pregnancy. Being pro-choice means that you believe women should have the right to control their own bodies.

I am pro-choice. Don't confuse that with pro-abortion.


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