Change Is Good

Jay gave up his best friend for popularity years ago. He still continues to bully her, until he finds out what will happen if he doesn't stop. Will Jay fix things before it's too late? Or will he be attending a funeral for a girl he used to know?

Chapter 1

The Realization

I hate you! I hate you with all of my heart Jay!... I thought you were my best friend!" Alexis screams at me with tears in her eyes. "Why don't you go ruin somebody else's birthday, since you already ruined mine!" I feel a pang of guilt.. it's her birthday.. and I called her stupid.. I really don't think she's stupid. The popular kids wanted me to say it, they wouldn't talk to me unless I did. I like Alexis, I really do. All of the popular kids are laughing at her, and her face is red.

"Stop laughing at her! Stop! She's not stupid! She's the smartest girl I know!" I scream and run out of the lunchroom after her. "Alexis! Alexis wait please!" I scream after her and try to catch up. "You can hate me all you want, but not until after I give you your present." she stops and turns towards me, her eyes red from crying. I walk up to her and take the necklace out of my pocket and clasp it around her neck. She gently touches the silver 'A' and looks up at me. "Happy Birthday Alexis." I say softly and kiss her cheek. She just turns around and walks away from me.

I wake up in my own bed, sweating. I look down, at my still 17 year old body and sigh. The last time I saw Alexis, I was nine years old. She came to the school the next day with a black eye and told everyone that I called her ugly; and punched her in the eye. Then she transferred schools. I got the popularity I had always wanted; and in return, lost my best friend. I'm still popular now, and I don't think of how Alexis feels. I've had many girlfriends, and I'm known as a player. The other kids at school have me say rude things to her on facebook from time to time. I've grown to laugh at the jokes, they really are funny. I yawn and look over to the clock, seeing that it's only 11pm I roll back over and close my eyes.

"Alexis! Come downstairs it's time for dinner!" a lady's voice shouts. I look around to see myself standing in Alexis' room. I see her sitting on her bed and gasp. Her arm.. is drenched in blood. The source of the blood, is multiple gashes in her arm. There are some that are scabbed over, and some healed. She's sickly thin and deathly pale. Her skin is as white as snow. Around her neck, is the necklace I gave her so many years ago. She walks over to her dresser, and takes out medical supplies. Then she cleans out the cuts before wrapping them up as if it were a routine. I walk over to her computer and look at the screen. Someone hacked my account... and told her to kill herself.

"I'm not hungry mom." she says with no emotion. She sits down at the computer and gazes at the screen and I hear her whisper, "Jay... what happened to the sweet boy I knew? I wish you would change... life has never been the same..." I feel horrible... She sighs and then says to herself, "I used to like you so much... and I gave that up for your popularity, and this is what you do. You're just a jerk, and you deserve to rot in hell."

Once again I wake up in my bed, my face soaked in tears. The clock says 2am. I get up out of my bed and pace my room. It has to be just a dream.. it has to be. She couldn't possibly be that sad... But it felt so real... Then I remember the facebook post. I quickly turn on my computer, and open facebook. I log in to see this I delete the post and change my password. Then I shut off my computer and walk over to my bed. I lay down on my back, looking up to the ceiling, deep in thought.

"I wish I had never lived!" Alexis screams into the air. I quickly look to her calender to see the date as January 5th. That's three days from now. Then I check her computer screen, facebook once again open. This time, a picture, of Alexis. It's been edited, to make her look... dead. The picture has been posted by what seems to be my account. The caption on the photo... is, 'My one wish' Alexis walks back over to the computer, face soaked in tears. She sits in the chair and starts a video. "Jay, I want you to know, that I hope you're happy with yourself." Then she opens her drawer and pulls out a gun. Placing it up to her head she says, "Goodbye lovelies." Then, she slowly pulls the trigger and...

"No!" I jolt awake in bed, terrified. I can never forget the image I just saw. I run my hands through my hair, taking a deep breath. Then I get up out of bed, pacing back and forth, trying to calm down. The clock says 7am, I missed the bus to school. But that doesn't matter right now. What matters right now, is that I make sure what I just saw, doesn't happen. So I go on facebook, and post this. I'm tired of being a 'cool kid' all it means is being a jerk. Today, I am going to talk to Alexis, in person. I have to apologize, even if she does hate me. I still would never be able to live with myself if she were to die.

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