Love Isn't A Game

"You're the biggest player here Ian! What could you possibly want with me?" I scream at the boy I hate the most.
"Two simple words Ivy. A game. The same game you played with my brother two years ago. The game that broke him into changing his ways. Except this time, you won't win." those words make my stomach do a flip-flop and I almost puke.
"And the rules?" I ask, trying to keep myself together. Zach was his brother... the only boy I had ever loved but let go from fear of being left.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I glare over at my mom and say to her, "Mom, you don't need to do this. I would be fine if you would just listen to me when I scream for your help." she just scowls and focuses on the road. She's bringing me to the hospital because she walked in on me with a handful of pills about to be placed in my mouth and swallowed.

"Ivy you were going to swallow a handful of pills! You're not okay! I'm not going to lose you like that, I love you Ivy and I can't see you so torn apart anymore!" she says as she pulls into the hospital drive. I stay silent as she parks and walks me into the hospital, I sit down in a plastic chair when she walks over to a nurse.

"Hello, may I help you mam?"the nurse asks my mom. I roll my eyes and sigh. Here we go, goodbye any chance of me returning home to finish myself off.

"Yes, my daughter was attempting suicide and I walked in on her. She was about to swallow a handful of pills. Can you direct me over to the psych. ward?" I hear my mom say. Typical mom, always getting right to the point.

"Yes, follow me." the nurse says and waves me over. I sigh and get up, walking over to them. "Hello hunny, what's your name?" the nurse asks with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"I don't feel the need to tell you." I say in the snobbiest voice I can. People like her piss me off. I can't stand fake nice people, she looks like a slut. I'm tempted to ask if she knew the name of the last guy she f-ed but my chance gets ruined by my mom.

She scowls and says, "Ivy Evans. Ivy, don't be rude, she wants to help." Now it's my turn to scowl. I hate it when my mom gets like this.

"I don't need, or want her help. She looks like a f-ing skank and I can smell her all the way over here, and it don't smell like flowers." I say and my mom gasps.

"Ivy what has gotton into you?!? You were such a sweet, happy girl." she says and that sets me off.

"You know what happened mom! Don't act like you don't hear my screams for help when dad rpes me! Don't f-ing stand there and tell me you don't know!" I scream at her and run the other direction, tears streaming down my face.

"Ivy don't you run away from me!" I hear my mom yell after me, but I don't stop running. Just as I'm about to run out of the hospital I'm pulled into the bathroom by none other than the scumbag that caused all of this. Oh god, please not now...

"Did you really think you could get out of this Ivy?" he whispers into my ear as tears stream down my face. I shake my head and he chuckles, "Good." he says and reaches to unbuckle my belt. Wait... I'm in a hospital... they can get him away from me.

I start banging on the door and screaming, "Help! Someone help me! My father is going to r
pe me! Please help!" I scream at the top of my lungs. He starts bashing my head into the door realizing that he might be stopped.

"Shut the f* up or I'll kill you!" he yells into my ear as blood runs over his hands. I start to get weak and stop screaming, "Good girl." he says to me and chuckles as I feel him taking my pants off of me. I pass out just as I hear a loud crash.

~Two hours later~

I wake up to a pain in my head that feels like I'm being bashed with a hammer. "F," I mutter and try to roll over. When I realize I can't I open my eyes to discover I'm laying in a hospital bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines.

"Welcome back Ivy. You're lucky someone heard your screams, he got the door open right before your dad.." she says and I cut her off, finishing her sentence.

ped me. I know, who was the boy that saved me?" I ask, wondering who I need to thank. I really hope he is around my age, and cute. Otherwise, I don't really care.

"Here, he left you a letter." she says and hands me a piece of lined paper, this is what it says:

"I heard your screams and immediately knew who you were. Even though you broke my heart I knew I had to save you. I guess this is breaking the last rule. Whatever... I'm actually glad you broke my heart. You helped me become serious. Now I have a girlfriend that I have had for five months. Ivy... your mom told me about your suicide attempt... was I the one who caused all of this? Well... I won't ever know because of the last rule... Anyway, thank you for changing me Ivy - Zach" My eyes tear up and I start to cry, the pain that still lies in my heart starts to come out. If it weren't for that stupid last rule I could have been that girl....

"Are you okay hun? Is your head hurting bad? Did the boy say something mean?" the nurse asks. I'm glad it isn't the skank from before, this one actually doesn't piss me off.

I sigh and say, "No... just remembering how a stupid game broke both of our hearts because of the stupid last rule... he was my first, and only love." she nods like she understands and hugs me.

"I know what that's like... losing the boy you love..." she says and my mom walks into the room with the doctor.

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