Creating world Changers

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Originally created on: January 28, 2014
Updated on: April 16, 2014

Chapter 1

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Did you know:

That those that are suicidal write there suicide note 2-3 months before they take there own life, just so they have it ready for when someone pushes them enough to do it.

That some of these people walk around daily with these notes one them at all times.

Isn't that something to think about before you call him/her a "loser" or judge him/her on there clothing or even what they belief?

If so then please help change the world, by becoming a world changer.

Go to this website and see what I am talking about.

Robb Nash came to my college and spoke to us about his story and other people's stories as well. He's goal is "Creating world Changers". He believes that those things that are apart of you, the things you see as curses. They are actually gifts. And that things don't happen for a reason they happen for potential.

Please stand up and tell your story. Because your story is something that can and will help others lives. Just title it "Creating World Changers" and post it, right here on quibblo. By doing so you could save someone's life just because they know that there is somebody out there that understands what they are going through.


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