Vital Information About Me ♥

Here is all the vital information about me! I'm... a very interesting person, in general, so honestly, don't judge me by my looks or your first impression, because I may surprise you ♥

You can take the profile template if you want, but don't take my information please!

Chapter 1

♥ Profile ♥

My full name is
Hayley Alicia Castellan (née Flynn)

My nickname is
Hayhay, Hayfrey, Tweety, but some people call me Astrix too

My current age is
Eighteen years old and a half. It may surprise you.

My height is
5”8 (172 cm)

My weight is
101 pounds (46 kg)

People always think I am
A little kid, because of my screen names and my Luna bar addiction

My hobbies are
Writing, drawing, reading, spending time with friends and family, watching cartoons

My personality is
Mostly calm and chilled, carefree personality, cheerful and optimistic, friendly and easy to get along with, likes to remain in the middle and on the fence, studious, the non-show-off version of Hermione mixed with the non-sporty version of Ginny mixed with all Luna Lovegood’s qualities!

I like
Luke Castellan (that goes without a question), writing, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, swimming, listening to music, SMS messaging, IM messaging, painting, watercolour art, world peace

I dislike
Fake people, dishonest people, and mint-and-bacon flavoured birthday cake, war, fighting

My room looks
Mostly tidy with purple polka-dot painted walls, and a general purple theme. Purple furniture and styled mannequins in wardrobe. Purple glow-in-the-dark animals glued to the ceiling.

My best friends are
Arielle, Cami, and everyone in the world, including you, who are reading this. Why limit yourself to just one?

My worst enemies are
Everyone who supports war. Haters, fakes and liars. Other than that, none.

In my spare time I would
Keep working on my Fanfiction stories! Write! And get outside to play hockey with my friends, chillax and swim at the beach, play Frisbee toss with my puppy, Cotton Candy.

I am taken by
Luke Castellan. I’m not a fan girl, but I am allowed to fantasize. Right?

The thing people notice about me first is
The huge graphic cartoon rainbow on my t-shirt!

My favourite colours are
Purple, green, white, silver and pastel orange.

My Zodiac sign is
Libra. By the way, check out your 2014 horoscopes (here)

If I had three wishes they would be
To be able to breathe underwater, to be able to turn invisible and visible again whenever I wish, and for the world to finally achieve world peace!

My pets are
My tiny fluffy puppy Cotton Candy and 21 tropical fish. You can name them if you want!

I would die for
My family, and happiness to the world.

One thing I would never do is
Be mean to someone deliberately.

One thing I would definitely do when I next get the chance is
Rollerblade all the way across the beach, non-stop! I did attempt that once, but I couldn’t resist the ice cream shop along the way, so I achieved an epic fail.

A thing people love about me is
That I’m easy to get along with, fun, and friendly. At least I hope so!

A thing people hate about me is
That I don’t really care what other people say, unless it’s about my family or my close friends.

The most nastiest thing I can imagine myself doing to someone is
Forcing them to sit on a cact… no, that’s way too horrible. I want to keep this PG13!

The sports that I play are
Swimming and hockey! And I do a little bit of dancing.

One thing that I totally suck at is
Running. I’m fast at short-distance but long-distance is my worst nightmare!

I would like to give a shout-out to
YOU, for being generally the best.

The last thing I would like to put here is
Baii Baii!


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