The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Unleashed

Hey guys! A nice friend of mine, Carrotawesome invited me to do a group story together, because we both love Legend of Zelda! After a lot of discussing everything that was going to be included in the story, I am proud to say that this story is now being written! Yay! The setting takes place in Twilight Princess, my favorite video game of the series. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

A Peaceful Day in Ordon

Zelda's POV

Zelda was so proud of Link. He had always managed to conquer evil once and for all. He was a good strong hero, and she loved the fact that he never gave up.

Still, it had been four months since she last saw him. He was probably in his home right now, herding the sheep for Fado, his favorite farmer. She smiled as she imagined him annoying the goats, and then wrestling them to the ground. He was quite the crazy one, indeed.

Still, she couldn't just go wander off without having to tell everyone. She needed to be there for her people, especially after the chaos that had happened.

Zelda sighed and sat down on her bed. If only she could see Link again! She missed that handsome face, with those handsome blue eyes, and that brown hair....

Wait a second! Why would Zelda think like this? She shook her head and changed her thoughts. She wasn't in love with Link, and she would never be. Yeah, exactly.

Opening the doors to her balcony, Zelda looked out into the streets of Castle Town. Spotting Telma, she smiled. Telma was carrying some beer boxes back to her bar, probably restocking everything. Some of the Gorons were helping her carry the boxes, while others were already inside, probably unpacking the boxes.

The Gorons made Zelda think of Link again. He had saved them by restoring their leader Darbus from the evil twilight that overtook him and changed him into Fyrus. Now he was probably up on Death Mountain, wrestling his Goron brothers.

Zelda nodded and made up her mind. She would visit Link after all. Closing the door to her balcony, she slipped on her shawl and went to the armory to alert the captain of the guards.

Cracking open the door, she looked around for Brandon. He was the captain of the guards, and a good one at that. She finally spotted him testing out a bow and arrow in the archery section of the room.

Smiling, she walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and came face to face with her. "Oh, hello Princess Zelda" he bowed. "What can I do for you?" he asked.

Zelda curtsied and looked at him. "I'm going to go head out to meet a friend. I won't be back for a few hours, so don't be worried about me. Anyway, please keep an eye on the castle while I am gone. Make sure that nothing terrible happens please" she commanded before turning around to leave.

Brandon nodded. "Yes, your majesty, of course. I'll get the best guards to escort you off the premises" he saluted.

Zelda shook her head. "No thank you, I won't need an escort this time. Just watch over the castle" she sighed. Brandon nodded at her. "Yes, princess."

Zelda smiled and walked out of the door. Walking down to the throne room, she looked at her mother's old throne. Zelda wondered if her mother would be proud of her. Maybe she's watching over me she thought.

Smiling and shaking her head, Zelda finally made it through the front castle doors. Running out into the plaza, she ran through the large doors away from the north side of Castle Town.

Zelda decided to take the east way out. Going down the stairs, she walked across Hyrule Field, making her way towards Faron Woods.

Walking across the field, Zelda came face to face with a bunch of Bokoblins. Screaming, she tried to run but they knocked her down with their clubs.

Zelda closed her eyes tightly, preparing for the painful blows, but they never came. Cracking an eye open, she saw all of the Bokoblins laying on the ground, rotting. Standing before her was none other than Link himself. Smiling, he helped her up.

"Are you alright?" Link asked. Zelda smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. When and how did you get here?" she asked.

"Oh, I was taking Epona for a morning ride when I saw a certain someone being attacked by a mob of Bokoblins. Naturally, I wasn't going to let a damsel in distress be hurt. Then I wouldn't live up to the title of being a hero" he smirked.

Zelda slapped his arm playfully. "Oh, stop it. I was doing perfectly fine before you came along. You just happened to help me, that's all." she joked.

"I don't think laying on the ground and screaming " HELP! HELP!" counts as doing perfectly fine" Link laughed. Zelda laughed and shook her head. "Ok, ok fine. You win"

"So anyway, what are you doing out here in Hyrule Field?" Link asked. Zelda looked at him and smiled. "Actually, I was about to visit you in Ordon Village but I guess you came to me"

Link smiled. "Oh, really? I was actually looking for you as well, but then-

"WAIIIITTT!" a voice interrupted Link. Zelda and Link turned towards the source of the voice with surprised expressions on their faces. The mailman ran up to Link and panted.

"I'm h-here t-to d-deliver a l-letter! F-from a mysterious s-stranger!" the mailman panted. Handing the letter over to Link, he made a strange noise before turning around and running back the way he came.

"Well that was strange. Anyway, I'd better see what this letter is about" Link said before opening it. Reading over it, his face suddenly turned pale. "Oh no! This is terrible!"

"What is it?" Zelda asked curiously. Handing the letter over to her, Zelda took it carefully. She sighed and began to read its contents:

Dear Zelda and Link,

Hello. Did you miss me? Well, I certainly don't miss you two. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I've made a new friend. A very strong friend that is now my ally. He works together with me. He is way stronger than me, and we will take over Hyrule before you know it. That's all. Enjoy your little play date while you still can, because we will come soon. Very soon. That is all

Zelda stared at the letter. "Oh. That is bad" she frowned. Putting the letter back into the envelope, she put it in her pocket. "We best be on our guard at all time" she said looking around.

Link nodded. "Yeah, but don't worry. I'm sure we can easily defeat anything that gets in our way. Anyway, you want to head back to Ordon? I want to introduce you to some special people I know" Link said.

Zelda nodded. "Sure! Besides, I already alerted the authority that I would be out for a few hours."

Smiling, Link helped Zelda up on Epona. Sitting on her as well, Link nudged Epona forward, towards Ordon Village.

Smiling, Zelda looked at the beautiful view as they rode on. She was holding onto Link tightly, because she didn't want to fall off. Riding on, she noticed that the woods seemed very peaceful in the afternoon.

Suddenly, Epona stopped. They had arrived in the middle of the village, with everyone surrounding them. Hopping off, Link offered Zelda a hand. She took it and got off as well.

"Well, I'll be! The princess comes in all her glory and I have nothing decent to wear!" Fado exclaims, looking at his muddy clothes, obviously embarrassed. Mayor Bo shushed him and shook his head. "Don't embarrass us anymore as it is! llia, go put something nice on! Quick!" he ordered.

Zelda smiled. "That's quite alright mayor. I personally would wear something comfy than something nice and royal" she reassured. Mayor Bo relaxed and hugged his daughter. "Sorry llia, I kinda panicked there for a minute" he smiled. llia nodded and look at the princess with a mad glint in her eye.

Zelda shuddered and looked at llia. She didn't like the way that llia was looking at her. Still, she was there to meet them, so she wanted to make a good impression on llia.

"Hi there! I'm Princess Zelda. I've heard much about you llia" she smiled. llia pretended to perk up, and she put on a fake smile.

"Oh, hello Zelda. Really? Has Link been tell you all about me?" she asked. "Uh, yeah. He has been talking all about you" she said.

"Actually, he hasn't talked about you much. I heard it all from Rusl when he visited me" Zelda muttered to herself. Looking up, she saw the llia wasn't paying attention to her anymore. Sighing with relief, she greeted all of the little children.

"WOAH! IT'S THE PRINCESS! SHE'S ACTUALLY HERE!" an excited voice rang from the crowd. Out stepped Talo, Malo, Beth, and Colin. They all smiled when they saw Zelda. "Um, hello princess. It's an honor to meet you" Colin shyly whispered. Zelda smiled and hugged the little guy. "It's an honor to meet you too. I've heard a lot of good things about you the most" she smiled.

Colin looked up with a hopeful grin on his face. "Really?" he asked. "Yeah, I mean Link talks about you all the time" she nodded. Colin looked very happy.

"Um, Link? When can I take that horseback riding lesson from you?" Colin shyly asked. Link grinned and hugged his buddy.

"Normally I would say right now, but I've got to show Zelda around, without any distractions. I want her to see what my home is like" Link said.

"Well alright. We'll leave you to it" Bo said before dismissing everyone and heading back home himself. After everyone was gone, Link and Zelda headed towards the ranch.

Arriving at the ranch, Link showed Zelda around. "So this is where I heard the goats in, this large barn" he smiled. "This is the pasture that I do it in as well. Epona is a really trusty and good steed." he bragged.

"So what's your personal best?" Zelda asked. Link smiled "Oh, my best time is about 18 seconds (true story, they were all in one place at the same time, and I happened to get them all in really quickly). Zelda stared at him in shock. "Wow, that's a good time".

"I know right?" Link smiled, raising an eyebrow. Turning around, he nudged Zelda towards the village. "There is something else I want to show you. Close your eyes".

Closing her eyes, Zelda felt nervous. Guiding her, Link took her down towards the water. He turned her towards the lake, and told her to open.

Opening her eyes, Zelda saw a beautiful lake filled with lots of fish. "Wow! Do you catch the fish for dinner?"

"Yeah, sometimes. Other times I just do it for trying to get a personal record" he explained.

"Anyway, I saved the best for last. My house" he smiled. "Come on!" he said before running towards his house.

Zelda rolled her eyes and followed him. Arriving at the house, there was a single ladder leading up to a wooden door. Climbing it, Link reached the top in no time.

Zelda got a hold of the ladder and began to slowly ascend. She made it up easily, and entered Link's house.

"I still don't understand why your house is in a tree. It makes no sense" she giggled. Link shrugged."I guess I just love nature a lot" he giggled. "Anyway, come up here. I gotta show you this view"

Zelda climbed both of the ladders and looked out of the window. Suddenly, she spotted Epona, trotting around Link's house. Zelda smiled and watched her. "She seems very playful and friendly" she said to Link.

"Yeah, Epona is a very playful horse. That's why she's my favorite horse" Link smiled. "Link, she's your only horse. Remember that" Zelda smirked.

"Yeah, she's my favorite only horse. Oh! I almost forgot! You've got to give me a tour of your castle sometime! I've always wondered what was in there" Link begged.

Zelda smiled. "Maybe later, hero. Right now, I probably should return to the castle anyway. It's been a few hours" she noticed. "Anyway, I'll see you later Link." she hugged him before turning to leave.

"Wait, can you visit me tomorrow as well?" Link asked. "I don't know, I might. I do promise that I'll see you soon though" Zelda smiled.

"Can I take you back home?" Link asked. "Sure, that would be a good plan. I don't want monsters to randomly attack me in the field again" Zelda said. They went outside and got back on Epona.

Riding in the field, Zelda and Link looked around. Hyrule Field looked extremely pretty at night, as twilight was just settling over. Smiling, Zelda looked at the castle they were headed towards. That was her home, the place that she had grown up in. She couldn't believe that it was still standing after all this chaos, but it was.

Arriving at Castle Town, Link walked with her to the front doors of the castle. Waving goodbye, Zelda entered the castle and went to the armory and told Brandon that she was home. After that, she entered her bed chamber and put on a nightgown. Getting into her bed, she slipped into a peaceful and long sleep.

I hope you liked it, I worked all day yesterday and today deciding what the beginning would be like. Can't wait for the next chapter! Woo! :D

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