The To-Do List EVERY GIRL Should Complete!

A to-do list every confident young woman could make use of :)

Chapter 2

#2: Make a Vision Board

Alright, for those of you who don't know, a vision board is pretty much a collage that displays all of your desires.This project is going to be SO FUN!

Think about what you want. This can be anything--material desires, like money, a certain product, or a car or a house! You may desire beauty. You may desire health or happiness. How about true love? Whatever you want most, write it down!

Collect images. Try flipping through magazines and cutting out images (AND THE BRAND NAME) of the things you want. If it's not a material object, look for representative images, like two hearts stuck together to represent love, or a smile for happiness.

Display the images. You can do this in a number of ways. You can buy a cork board and thumb tacks and use the thumb tacks to pin the images to the cork board. You can get a piece of cardboard and some glue and stick the pictures on. You can choose a door, wall, or mirror and use blue tack to stick the pictures on. Congratulations! Once you have completed this step, you have made a vision board.

Display your vision board. If you have chosen to use the door, wall or mirror method, then this step is already complete. Otherwise, pick a place that you see often, and hammer a nail into your wall to hang up your vision board, or prop it up somewhere.

This step is very important! Every day, spend time to LOOK at your vision board. Then, close your eyes and VISUALIZE what it would be like to have the things you put on your vision board. What would it be like to live in that house? What would it be like to own that nail polish? What would it be like to be that healthy? What would it be like to be with your soul mate? What would it be like to have perfect skin? Whatever it is you want, spend a little while, just five minutes a day, picturing how happy it would make you. FEEL the emotions you would feel. SMELL the air around you. Involve all of your senses in making your visualization as real as possible. Then, take a deep breath and smile :)

You can view my vision board here:

I chose to use blue tack and stick the pics on my door. I've only just started, so there's not a lot just yet. Again, hand is for scale and to check that I took the picture myself.

Ladies, have FUN with this! You'll love it. It looks great, and it's a fun and easy way to redecorate and make your room a happier and more lively place. I'd love it if you would send me pictures of your vision boards, it would be great!


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