Little Pointless Rant/Emily's Thoughts

Chapter 1


So a while ago I got invited to Brown University's Summer Program. There was some that were at the University for one, two, three, four, or five weeks. Some were in parts of the world- one being in Rome which is my top place to visit. Rome was three weeks. I was already accepted, no questions asked. I just had to claim my spot and cough up the money. That's where we hit our problem.

I got so excited and then I got crushed. That fall hurts. And then my mom got made at me. I never applied to this- I didn't even know it existed. Brown contacted me. You know, most parents would be thrilled if an Ivy League College invited their child to their summer program.

Now this next sentence won't make sense until the next part:

I felt like Brown only found me for me academics. I mean that's great and I am fine with that. Really. Just keep this in mind when reading about Stanford.

So yet again another expensive college with a great summer program contacted me. And it's less expensive than Rome, but more expensive than the week at Brown. I think it would help me more than either of those to would.

I got invited to Intensive Law and Trial with Stanford Law School and Envision. Right Stanford is the second best law school in the United States. This would help me tremendously since A) I am looking very seriously at being a lawyer and B) I am probably going to a private university because I know it's the best fit for me.

It's ten days and there are guest speakers and workshops and it's great. I want to go. Also I didn't get in just for academics. I open up the nice thick paper (very formal right now- in fact I even got a __(my state here) Forum Representative 2014 Nominee certificate). The first thing you see is these words:

In Honor of Your
Academic Promise, Leadership Potential and
Interest in the Field of Law
Envision and Stanford Law School
Cordially Invite You to
Participate in
Intensive Law and Trial


Then in one of the papers in the big fancy, heavy, folded envelope/folder said the following.


Intensive Law and Trial seeks students with academic promise, leadership potential, and an interest in the field of law.

Students who meet our standards are selected through:

-Educators, youth organization advisors and participating institutions

-Envision alumni

-Proven academic excellence and demonstrated extracurricular involvement, community service, or other qualified academic and leadership achievement, such as successful completion of the voluntary pre-college evaluations of the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA)

I'm getting in, yes, for a large part because of my intelligence but that's not the only reason why. I don't know why that makes a difference but it does. I think I would love those ten days and they will help me not only in a future career but with college, high school, strength of character, leadership, all those.

And you would think that a parent would be thrilled to even have there child be contacted by this. Forget the academic part of it- what parent wouldn't want their child to be recognized for leadership skills? I'm in the program, excepted- no questions asked. I just have to enroll (to reserve my spot) and cough up the money.

It's a lot. But Stanford will help you fundraise for it. They have scholarships. You can get somebody that you know to sponsor you, and not to sound pig headed but most of my teachers would sponsor me in a heartbeat. Most of the parents of the kids I tutor would sponsor me. The place I volunteer at- my supervisor would probably sponsor me. And fundraising- our principal is a nice guy. I think it would be likely that if I explained to him why I wanted the money he would hold a jean day (pay to wear jeans) and I could get some money, or something like that. He did that with a girl when her mother got cancer. I can get the money. "If there is a will there is a way".

My mom refuses for me to "exploit" people. I'm asking them. They can refuse. How is that exploiting people? You pay for a candy bar, I give you a candy bar and your $1.50 goes towards my fund for this. My mom told me to get a job and then talk about it.

Mom I had to drop swimming, I had to drop dance after this year because of school. I have five AP classes next year (that she forced me in- well not exactly, look at the footnote). I can't go add something. If I'm taking away something (two something) that doesn't mean I need to replace it- it means I can't handle anything else. I'm volunteering, making my hours and she wants more. I tutor people and I'm not getting paid a lot for it- but its some. She thinks I should do it for free. NO.

Also I don't even know if I will be invited next year. This is very "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

And my mom tells me she was mad at me when I told her about the ways that I could get the money (fundraising, sponsorship). Excuse me for taking initiative for what I want? Most parents would love that! Most kids want to stay at home all summer and I want to go to brainiac camps sponsored by good universities. Excuse me for being smart! You can't necessarily control intelligence. Excuse me for wanting to go to these! And Brown and Stanford contacted me. I'm sorry I'm not volunteering enough but I'm trying to meet the requirement while doing all this other crap. No, me objecting to a year round job isn't me being lazy its the fact that I am drowning in homework now and I have five AP classes next year. Other parents here that and they ask me why on earth I would try to do that. My mom apparently thinks I'm super woman. No she doesn't actually, if you heard her go on about me your first impression was that I was a drop out, druggie, delinquent, and is the one who blows up the Student Councils projects. I'm not-and if somebody blew up Student Councils project I might kill them as I'm on student council and you don't mess with my projects- unless you have a death wish.

I know it's a lot of money but I just think she is being unreasonable. And it feels good to hear that your smart and have leadership skills- especially since I doubt my leadership ability a lot. I wish I wasn't as smart and I know that sounds dumb but I fell like if I wasn't so capable mentally than my mom won't push me as hard (even though I'm harder on myself) or these colleges wouldn't even look at me and I would go to the crappy college she wants me to go to because it's the only place I could get in and I wouldn't get my hopes raised up only to have them fall and get stomped underfoot.

Ignorance truly is bliss. If you actually read all this I thank you and I'm sorry for wasting valuable moments of your life.

*I'm taking AP Environmental Science for an academic program I'm in for one of my 6 classes, I already need an environmental science and this is the smart choice. AP Phycology, I need a credit in college- so I'm taking it now. Also I need it for the same academic program for AP Environmental Science. AP US- I have to take US history year round anyways, might as well get college credit. I'm being forced into AP English 3- which is a bad, bad, bad idea. I don't do English. English is my worst class. I like math. I get math. I don't like or really particularly understand English. That's a dumb move.


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