Skywalkers (Book 1) ~ Original story

Book one of the two part series Skywalkers.

The ancient Skywalker order was rumored to have fallen with Rome in 46 A.D.

Now 1,670 years later a man by the name of Amado Salvatore has sparked a rumor read of this 18th century pirate seeking fame and difference but what happens when he tango's with the wrong partner?

Chapter 1


1716, July 28th, 5:40 PM, Italy: Sicily

"Amado, sit down"

"What is it father?" I reply in a snooty fashion

"Why Amado, why? Do you have anything to say for yourself, just because our family is rich does not mean you will be allowed to abuse our fortune."

I tried to speak but father interrupted me once more "You are but just 16 Amado, and you've already committed ,mass murders, all across the city in defiance of our great king, and for what? you think you're as powerful as him? your actions could lead to the execution of the whole family!" he screamed

He turns his back to me "You can make a difference Amado, Leave a mark of our name in history, but you chose to dispose of the reputation our family has built for years!"

"Give it to my brother, father, I don't want the stupid riches I never had, he was always your favorite, he was always smarter in every way then me, more charming, more 'pure', but you know what he doesn't know what to do" I pause.

"What would that be, Amado?" father asks.

"He doesn't know how to step outside the lines, and when you see my face twenty years from now remember my last words" I walk up in till i'm eye to eye with him.

"I will take what I please and be what I wish" and I walk away knowing the disappointment that I have become, But I'll show them...

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