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What the title says!

Chapter 1


Okay, so I was at youth group last night and we watched a 'Trailer' I guess you could call it. Where teenagers had powers, but they were not very "Cool" to anyone else in the school. They were considered the freaks. Always bullied on and teased by what friends they had.

So, my idea is to create a group story with you guys. :P Obviously haha

Anyway, my idea is to put four teenagers in a normal school setting, but they have unusual powers. You can come up with anything! BUT There has to be major flaws. Like in the trailer there was a girl who was bulletproof..in her feet..ONLY her feet. There was another guy who could become invisible...below the waist. Things like that.

I'll need two guys and one girl since I'm the other girl

So, these four heroes rejects get caught up in a dangerous police work and they have to work together to do their best to save themselves with what unusual powers and beat the bad guys. My guess, since I haven't figured out the situation, I might make it a dangerous smuggling operation or something.
If you also have any ideas for the dangerous situation, don't hesitate to suggest them in the comments. I take everything I read into account :)
If you don't understand anything, please comment and I'll do my best to help. :)

Anyway, here's the sign up sheet it's not really a sheet is it? oh, well xD

Unusual Power:
Huge Flaw:

Here's mine if you don't know what power to put

Name: Geena Fiore
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: self-conscious, smart, unbelievably kind, shy, a little stubborn, can get scared easily, will be brave sometimes, loyal to those who will consider her a friend, prefers to be alone
Appearance: short for her age-5'4, icy blue eyes, raven black hair, olive fair skin, skinny with a little curves, shadows under her eyes constantly from lack of sleep, naturally red lips.
Clothes: a black tank top, a green sweater that she never takes off in front of anyone, boot cut jeans that look the same as every pair of jeans she owns.
Unusual Power: Can stretch to unbelievable lengths
Huge Flaw: It's only her thumb and forefinger
Other: Loves to sing by herself and listen to music on her spare time and when she's alone

AND I'M KEEPING THIS WORD. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO WRITE A WEEK SINCE THE DAY YOU GOT IT. IF NOT, IT'S ON TO THE NEXT AUTHOR. My group stories don't continue because I'm too nice, but I'm putting my foot down on this one. I like this topic and would like to write it. Anyway! Sign right up! Sheet's up there! --^ Thanks for signing up in advance!

And yes, there will be love-dovey stuff. but my restrictions is not rated R stuff. Nothing beyond taking clothes off if you know what I mean. :P And you can swear, but too much. It takes away the exciting stuff if you swear every other word. AND last one I swear when you write, don't go "I hate this color." Protested Sarah. "I know right?" Tara agreed. That's very confusing, especially for me. You need to paragraph it like this.

"Let's get McDonalds!" Mike shouted to his friends.

"Mike we got that last time!" Whined the quiet Jessica in the corner.

Paragraph when someone else speaks. Easier to read and write, if you know what I'm saying. There's a lot of space, so please use it. And don't make it too short. :P Anyway, that's it haha

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