Attention all friends of Jackn324 aka Mythical Beast

If you were a friend of him, this explains what happened to him.

Chapter 1


Okay I've been off this site since October so first I'd just like to say thanks guys for giving me so much mail to read through my first day back. But enough talking about me, you guys are probably concerned about Jack if you're reading this.

First of all, he deleted his profile.

Secondly, this nightmare all began way back in very beginning of August. He was complaining of having migraines and headaches so his mom took him into the hospital and they discovered he a brain tumor. Yes a brain tumor.

Now here's the part that nobody ever believes me on, but I swear it's true. The tumor was over the part where your memories are kept, on the side of your brain kind of by your ear.

So he got surgery to get it removed and they dug a little too deep into his brain and removed a little more than the tumor. When Jack woke up (yes he didn't die) he thought he twelve years old again. I kid you not, I'm serious here. They had taken four years of memory from him.

So that's about it. He can't regain the memories he lost, but at least now he believes he's sixteen. He says he's sorry he doesn't remember any of you from this website, and I don't think he's returning to here. This means all the stories he wrote or were a part of will not be continued, unfortunately.

It's summer break here in Australia, but that'll be ending soon. Right now we're enjoying having no school. Hanging out at the beach, getting into some trouble, and I got a summer job at the local zoo.

Oh yeah, one last thing to mention. As some of you may have already known, Jack's mum was pregnant when all this happened and now Jack has a little brother. Jack was given the privilege to name him so his name his Cayden James.

That's all I have to say for now. If there's any questions, leave them in the comments or message me. Byeeee

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