Group Story Sign-ups (Deadline: Tues. Feb. 4)

Information below explains it all.

Chapter 1


Alright so has anyone seen that cool late 90s/early 2000s American sitcom called "That 70's Show"? Well I recently started watching it on Netflix and got really into it. Then I started researching 1970s American culture so I could prepare myself for this, a group story taking place in America during the 70s. If you haven't seen the show, do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes.

Alright so now that you guys got the idea of what the setting and culture is going to be like, let's get characters. In the original show the characters' names were Eric Forman, Donna Pinsciotti, Steven Hyde, Michael Kelso, Jackie Burkhart, Fez, Kitty Forman, and Red Forman. Some minor characters were Bob Pinsciotti and Midge Pinsciotti.

In our group, we'll have characters like them, but not exactly like them. We'll need a nerd with a basement (Eric), the nerd's crush/girlfriend (Donna), the government superstitious "b.a." of the group (Hyde), the annoying rich girl (Jackie), the good-looking idiot (Kelso), the humourous foreign kid (Fez), the temperamental father of the nerd (Red), and the sweet alcohol loving mother of the nerd (Kitty).

I call being the nerd! Wow first and hopefully the last time I say that.

Okay so time for the tutorial on the character format of signing up. Here we go:

Name: choose a name that you feel fits your chosen character
Nickname: if they have one, put it here. And include who calls them that nickname
Age: if you want to be one of the kids! please put that they're 17 years old. No exceptions. If they're one of the parents, put about 40 or something like that
Appearance: feel free to make your character look how you want, you do not have to describe their looks as the show's character you are basing them off of
Personality: their personality however should be fairly similar to the show's character you're basing them off of
Family: we don't know much about the kids' families, besides Eric, so this is something you can make up on your own
Likes: this does NOT mean who the person's love interest is. This part is telling what they like or enjoy to do; their hobbies
Dislikes: list what they dislike
Other: just say anything you'd like to mention about them that wasn't a category above

Alright so that's all taken care of then. Now if you're really committed to this group story, which I hope you are, please research a little like I did. Learn about the music, clothing, slang, and interests of the 70s. It'll be very beneficial for your character.

So yeah just leave in the comments your character information. Now some people may sign up to be the character you want to be, but just know this is NOT a first come first serve thing. If I like your character, I'll consider you and decide on the one that I would fit into the story best. Please don't be upset if I don't choose you.

So the deadline for your character is Friday, 31 January. Thanks for reading all this, I know it was kind of wordy.


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